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Asking for the best shear bolt connectors at an affordable price? Here, we are presenting the top shear bolt connectors in different varieties.

Shear Bolt Connector Having 2 Bolts

2-bolted shear bolt connectors are typically smaller in size. The shear bolt connector is aluminum or copper made giving durable cable connections throughout its lifetime. It is weather-resistant and has a protective coating on the outside.

Rayphen offers you an extremely high-end shear bolt connector at such an affordable price that no one can resist it.

Shear Bolt Connector 4 Bolts

Rayphen presents a reliable mechanical shear bolt connector having 4 bolts. With easy and quick installation features, such cable connector is corrosion-proof and weather resistant.

4 bolts shear bolt cable connector is relatively larger and easily fixed to the cable ends. Contact us and let Rayphen’s skilled production team serve you.

Aluminum Alloy Shear Bolt Connector with 6 Bolts

Want a heavy-duty shear bolt connector with 6 bolts? Well, this is the right place for you. Rayphen shear bolt connector having 6 bolts is a top seller with its unique features and characteristics. The design and finishing of the product are amazing, and you get cover caps with them as well. These types of cable connectors are perfect to use for different amperages, especially medium to high voltage.

More Details about Rayphen Shear Bolt Connectors

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    Shear Bolt Connector

    Let Rayphen and You Join Hands to Take Your Shear Bolt Connector Business to the Next Level

    Searching for top notch shear bolt connectors is pretty tough because of so many available options. But there is nothing to worry about the originality here at Rayphen. As a leading shear bolt connector manufacturer, we present the best products.

    The shear bolt connectors come in a different number of bolts that are not only mechanically strong but are electrically compatible as well.

    Aluminum alloy shear cable connectors are genuinely made from good quality raw material so that the finishing of the product is smooth and burr-free.

    Rayphen shear bolt connector with 6 bolts is suitable for all types of cables including insulated cables too. You can utilize these connectors very conveniently as they are lightweight and provides excellent gripping.

    200 Clients Worldwide

    With 200 clients all over the world, Rayphen is known for its top quality shear bolt connectors made of premium materials.

    Use of the Best Raw Material

    Rayphen shear bolt connector is made of high quality raw material for proper conduction and functioning.

    14+ Years' Experience

    Rayphen has industrial experience of 14+ years, hence make sure the shear bolt connector you are getting is reliable.

    Strict Quality Assurance

    Every shear bolt connector by Rayphen goes through strict quality compliance tests for better production.

    Rayphen Shear Bolt Connector

    Mechanical shear bolt connector by Rayphen is the product you need immediately for your business to boost up. Through highly compatible aluminum alloy, Rayphen gives you the shear bolt connector of your demands.

    As far as raw material is concerned, the Rayphen shear bolt connector is made from aluminum alloy, having a smooth finish and burr-free appearance. The bimetal shear bolt lug is suitable for different conductors such as copper and aluminum.

    We believe in delivering genuine shear bolt cable connectors throughout the globe with over 200 clients already satisfied by our products.

    Rayphen shear bolt connector for different conductors is perfect for indoor and outdoor setup. It has corrosion-proof properties.

    Our shear bolt connectors come with cover caps and oil stop control which prevents any kind of current leakages. This also supports the cable conductor inside to hold its position firmly. Transverse grooving gives maximum contact area with the cable.

    The shear bolt connector comes in different bolts having 2, 4, and 6 bolts. They provide enough shearing to the cable and make them stiff and secure inside. The gripping of the Rayphen shear bolt connector last for a very long time.

    Installation of Rayphen shear bolt connector and shear bolt lug is the easiest. You can do it with a spanner without using expensive hydraulic tools.

    All the mechanical connectors are made under a strict quality control environment, tried, and tested according to the IEC61238-1 standard.

    You do not need to bother about replacing the shear bolt cable connector from time to time. Rayphen manufactures the best long-lasting shear bolt connectors.

    Based on the experience of 14+ years, Rayphen supplies with maximum security as we pack with care and complete responsibility. For us, customers are everything and we put them above all.

    If you are seeking answers related to the understanding of the shear bolt connector, you can contact our 24/7 service. We will be happy to serve you anytime.

    Contact us anytime and experience the best service ever!

    Shear Bolt Connector FAQs—The Complete Guide

    Electrical appliances and devices a thing of daily usage. For connecting their cables to electrical wiring and to join different cables together, you need some accessory that makes the linking reliable and does not affect the current flow. Yes, shear bolt connectors come in handy in such situations.

    Shear bolt connector makes the connection durable, secure and does not affect the flow of the current. Here is an FAQ guide regarding the shear bolt connector. If you have any question stuck in your mind for so long and you want to ask it, this is your ultimate chance to get every answer.

    It includes definition, features, installation, tools for installations, precautions, and much more. So, let’s move to the guide right away!

    Q1. What is Shear Bolt Connector?

    Shear Bolt Connector

                                                           Figure 1 Shear Bolt Connector

    A shear bolt connector is an electrical lug that joins two cables together and the cable to some appliance or device.

    They are compact and reliable electrical accessories.

    The shear bolt connector has a barrel having hex bolts on its surface.

    The number of these bolts vary from 2-6 that makes the cables securely clamped within the barrel of the shear bolt connector.

    Rayphen shear bolt connector comes in different forms, styles, sizes, and types.

    The manufacturing material can be copper, aluminum, and a combination of both.

    Some types have a lug part as well attached to the barrel whereas the standard shear bolt connector is without a lug head.

    Q2. What are the Key Features of Shear Bolt Connector?

    The key features of shear bolt connector are:

    • The shear bolt connector has a heavy-duty unique design.
    • It is made of high quality manufacturing materials like aluminum, copper, and alloys.
    • The structure of the shear bolt connector is compact.
    • It goes a long way after installation and in ordinary normal conditions.
    • The shear bolt connector is also compatible with different heat shrinks hence, applied very reliably.
    • The bolts of the shear bolt connector are fully torque controlled.
    • Rayphen shear bolt connector is compatible with a wide range of conductor types.

    All these features make the shear bolt connector a trustworthy accessory to use for making connections.

    Q3. What are the Parts of Shear Bolt Connector?

    Like other electrical lugs and fittings, the shear bolt connector also has different parts.

    It is not a single unit product.

    Different Parts of Shear Bolt Connector

    Figure 2 Different Parts of Shear Bolt Connector

    The different parts of the shear bolt connector are as under:

    • Barrel Body

    The body is composed of genuine copper and aluminum and its alloys.

    On the body, a v-shaped or circular groove is present for each shear bolt.

    The size of the barrel body is perfectly fit for cable to go through it.

    The body can vary in diameter according to the dimensions of the cable.

    • Shear Bolts

    Basic standard tools are utilized for the easy and quick installation of shear bolts.

    The lubrication layer is applied at the shear bolt system which makes its contact much easier to the body for secure connections.

    The bolts very easily shear off when they reach the optimum torque moment.

    • Centering Rings

    For smaller conductors, centering rings are also present with a shear bolt connector.

    These are two in numbers and comes in different colors.

    There are also some construction features including oil stop control and transverse grooving.

    The oil stop control on the barrel is helpful in supporting the position of the conductors.

    The transverse ring grooves for removing the conductor’s oxide layering. This creates a well stable conductor and shear bolt contact.

    It also enhances the conductivity of the conductor having inner or outer strands.

    The shear bolt connector increases the contact quality.

    Q4. What Are Some Types of Shear Bolt Connectors?

    There are basically two types of shear bolt connectors on the basis of manufacturing material.

    • Copper Shear Bolt Connector

    As the name indicates, the copper shear bolt is made of copper.

    It contains 99.5% copper content along with its alloy giving it a coppery appearance.

    The contact resistance of the copper shear bolt connector is very low.

    Copper Shear Bolt Connector                                                                                 Figure 3 Copper Shear Bolt Connector

    This results in smooth current flow increasing its efficiency as a connector.

    Rayphen copper shear bolt connectors come in different sizes and shapes.

    You can get them having a different number of bolts.

    • Aluminum Shear Bolt Connector

    An aluminum shear bolt connector is nothing different from a copper connector.

    The design and features of the aluminum shear bolt connector are similar to the copper one.

    However, there is a difference in manufacturing materials.

    Aluminum Shear Bolt Connector

    Figure 4 Aluminum Shear Bolt Connector

    In this case, it is high quality aluminum.

    Aluminum shear bolt connectors have a wide application range.

    You can use it in difficult and small areas as well very conveniently as its installation is pretty quick.

    They also have a layer of tin plating to save them from rust and corrosion.

    Q5. What are the Advantages of Using Shear Bolt Connector?

    Shear bolt connectors have undoubtedly made the connections so much reliable and easy that they have become one of the most used connectors in the electrical industry.

    It has many advantages such as:

    • Shear bolts allow the conductor to form a link directly without crimping.
    • As there is not crimping involved, you do not need any crimping tool for shear bolt connectors installation. Only a wrench will do its job.
    • Rayphen shear bolt connectors are applicable to a wide cross-sectional range of conductors.
    • The aluminum shear bolt connectors are tin-plated which makes them suitable for both copper and aluminum conductors.
    • A special antioxidation layer is applied to ensure maximum lubrication and to prevent any kind of oxidation.
    • The shear bolt connectors by Rayphen are suitable for all setups including indoor and outdoor.
    • They are ideal to use for sector shaped, solid, round, and stranded conductors.
    • For all types of joint kits and termination, the Rayphen shear bolt connector is compatible and works best.

    Q6. What is the Design Specification of Shear Bolt Connector?

    Rayphen shear bolt connector has the following specifications.




    Cross Section




    Number of Bolts

    BMC 25/95         25-952460132
    BMC 36/150        36-1502880162
    BMC 95/240        95-24033125194
    BMC 120/300       120-30037140244
    BMC 185/400       185-40042170246

    You can get a suitable shear bolt clamp according to your conductor dimensions.

    Q7. Which Manufacturing Material is Used for Shear Bolt Connector Production?

    The manufacturing material of Rayphen shear bolt connector is genuine copper and aluminum.

    Let’s check why they are perfect for shear bolt connectors.

    • Copper

    Copper has an extraordinary property of electrical conductivity.

    It is a good conductor hence, makes it excellent for making cable connections.

    Even at cryogenic temperature, the electrical properties of copper shear connectors retain.

    The copper shear bolt connector is also corrosion resistant.

    • Aluminum

    Aluminum is one of the best manufacturing materials for many electrical accessories.

    It is because of its ductility and electrical conductance property.

    Aluminum looks like heavy metal with heavy weight but it is quite lightweight and has a low melting point.

    It means the aluminum shear bolt connector is stable at a high working temperature.

    It is non-magnetic hence, does not attract other nearby metallic content.

    Q8. How to Select Appropriate Shear Bolt Connector for Installation?

    Selecting an appropriate shear bolt connector is important before buying or installing.

    There are certain things that you need to consider while purchasing a shear bolt connector.

    But do you know which points these are?

    Well, we will tell you about the key points to consider before installation. Here they are:

    • The dimensions of the shear bolt connector are compatible with the conductor.
    • The manufacturing material is of good quality.
    • It has an antioxidation layer on it.
    • Check for any damages, if there are any, replace them before installation.
    • Ensure the shear bolt connector is compatible with the conductors.

    Q9. What is the Difference Between Shear Bolt Connector and Lug Connector?

    There is no doubt that the shear bolt connector and lug connector belongs to the category of cable connectors.

    Though they have a similar appearance, yet their working mechanism is different from each other.

    Cable Lug Connector

    Figure 5 Cable Lug Connector

    They also differ in their construction.

    In the Rayphen shear bolt connector, the joining action is through the shear bolts whereas the lug connector does not have shear bolts on it.

    It simply has a plain barrel body with a ring head.

    Crimping is necessary to connect lug connectors with cables whereas, in shear bolt connectors, crimping is not necessary.

    However, there are some connectors having the feature of shear bolt connector and lug connector combined.

    Q10. For Which Voltage Shear Bolt Connector is Suitable to Apply?

    Shear bolt connectors work the best with low voltages and medium voltage.

    It does not mean you cannot use a shear bolt connector for high voltage.

    It works well with that too.

    Rayphen shear bolt connector is applicable to voltages 11kV to 33kV.

    There are some shear connectors also available for conducting very high voltages up to 66kV.

    Q11. Which Tools are Needed to Install a Shear Bolt Connector?

    You do not need a crimper for the shear bolt connector which is an expensive tool.

    For shear bolt connector installation, a wireless impact wrench is needed to tighten the hexagonal bolts of the connector.

    Cordless Impact Wrench

     Figure 6 Cordless Impact Wrench

    You can also use a socket wrench or rachet if in case you do not have any impact wrench for this purpose.

    A cable stripper for stripping the cable to get inserted into the connector.

    Wire brush to clean the strands of the stripped cable for smooth contact.

    Q12. How to Install a Shear Bolt Connector Properly?

    Installing a shear bolt connector is not difficult at all.

    You just need the perfect tool for shearing the bolts.

    Here is a complete step-by-step guide answering how to install or mount a shear bolt connector.

    • Cut the cable straight if you have a large cable. If not, you can use it directly without cutting.
    • Strip the cable to expose the strands so that it gets fixed into the shear bolt connector.
    • With a wire brush remove the oxide layer from the cable strands.
    • Now insert the centering rings if the cable diameter is smaller than the shear bolt connector. If it’s the exact same, skip this.
    • Not take the stranded cable and insert it into the shear bolt cable connector.
    • Hand tightens the bolts after putting the cable inside.
    • Now, take the cordless impact wrench, first tighten the bolts and then shear until the hex bolts shear off and a compressed impression is made.
    • If you are doing it with rachet, it is suggested to use some holding tool as well so that the cable and the connector do not move during installation.
    • Once you complete shearing all the bolts, you are done. You will have a secure connection.
    • Take a cloth to clean the cable and shear bolt connector and put cap covers.

    Note: Following the correct sequence of the tightening and shearing off of the bolts is necessary. It is usually written in the manual. So, follow it.

    Q13. Can You Buy a Waterproof Shear Bolt Connector?

    Yes, you can get a waterproof shear bolt connector.

    Rayphen shear bolt connectors have an oil stop layer that prevents entry of water and makes it corrosion-proof along with holding the conductor in a fixed position.

    If any humid content enters the shear bolt connector, it can lead to severe electrical damage and explosion.

    Antioxidation lubrication is also provided to prevent the entry of moisture and making cable connections highly trustworthy.

    Q14. Which Conductors Can Fully Accommodate with Shear Bolt Connector?

    Rayphen shear bolt connector is compatible with copper and aluminum conductors.

    Copper shear bolts work the best with copper conductors whereas aluminum conductors form the best attachment with aluminum shear bolt connectors.

    However, an aluminum shear bolt cable connector having a tin coating is compatible with both types of conductors.

    Q15. Can You Get Fireproof Shear Bolt Connector?

    Yes, you can get a fireproof and explosion-proof shear bolt connector.

    Shear bolt cable connectors at Rayphen are made with advanced technology where the manufacturing materials go through hot dip galvanized technology.

    This increases the mechanical and electrical strength of the shear bolt connector.

    Hence, making it perfect for higher temperature usage as well.

    Buying a fireproof shear bolt connector is intelligent as it is more reliable and safer to use.

    Q16. Why is it Important to Increase the Electrical Resistance of the Connection of Shear Bolt Connector?

    The electrical resistance of the connection is increased for making the contact stronger.

    To increase the electrical resistance of the connection two things should be kept in mind.

    Chemical aging increases the oxidation layering to increase the resistance of the connection.

    Floating of the conductors especially aluminum because it will increase the contact force of the connection between the conductor and shear bolt connector.

    Q17. Can You Get Shear Bolt Connector in Various Sizes?

    Yes, shear bolt connectors of various sizes are available.

    Various Sizes of Shear Bolt Connector

                                                                               Figure 7 Various Sizes of Shear Bolt Connector

    You can ask for different dimensions of the Rayphen shear bolt connector.

    These sizes are available in both copper and aluminum shear bolt connectors.

    The material used for their manufacturing is genuine and corrosion free.

    Q18. Can You Use Shear Bolt Connector with Insulated Wire?

    Yes, you can use a shear bolt connector with insulated wires and cables.

    It is the basic function of a shear bolt connector to join cables together and make the wiring longer.

    It does not matter whether the cables are insulated or not.

    As long as it is compatible with the shear bolt connector, you can conveniently use it to attach insulated cables together.

    Q19. What is the Shear Bolt Connector Price?             

    The price of a shear bolt connector is approximately US$1.50- US$10.00.

    The price of a shear bolt connector varies on the basis of manufacturing material and manufacturer.

    It also depends on the size of the shear bolt connectors.

    Bigger shear bolt connectors have more price than the smaller ones.

    Q20. Is Crimping Necessary for Shear Bolt Connector Installation?

    No, crimping is not necessary for the installation of a shear bolt connector.

    This is the specialty of the shear bolt connector that it has the ability to form reliable connections without the need for crimping as it does not belong to compression connectors.

    In compression connectors such as Rayphen copper cable lugs, crimping is required.

    Q21. Is it Okay to Reinstall an Already Used Shear Bolt Connector?

    No, you cannot reuse a shear bolt connector once it gets is installed.

    The reason is when you shear the bolts of the shear bolt connector, they form a permanent impression on the connector.

    It is almost impossible to switch it back to its new shape.

    Whenever you want to make two cables joined to each other, use a new shear bolt connector.

    Q22. Can You Install Shear Bolt Connector for Outdoor Setup?

    Yes, the shear bolt connector is made with reliable and mechanically string materials copper and aluminum.

    The oil stops, transverse grooving, and centering rings make shear bolt connectors ideal for outdoor and indoor setups.

    The tin coating on aluminum shear bolt connectors is perfect for outdoor usage.

    You can use them for outdoor cable connections or connect cables with appliances.

    Q23. Is Shear Bolt Connector Weather Resistant?

    Yes, the shear bolt connector is weather resistant.

    It is also waterproof, fireproof, and explosion proof.

    The lubrication layer on its outer surface along with the transverse grooving makes the contact sealed.

    It means there is no room for any humidity to enter into the Rayphen shear bolt connector.

    Because of the hard manufacturing material, the shear bolt connector is perfect for different weather conditions.

    They are temperature tolerant as copper and aluminum are thermostable as well.

    Q24. What is the Service Life of Shear Bolt Connector?

    There is nothing to worry about for the longevity of shear bolt connectors.

    Rayphen shear bolt connectors are long lasting and if installed properly with appropriate tools, these shear bolt connectors can stay working for the whole life.

    If there is some loose connection or short circuit then it might be possible that shear bolt connectors won’t last long.

    But generally, they are resistant to environmental conditions and pretty safe to use.

    Q25. Are Shear Bolt Connectors Durable to Use?

    Yes, the shear bolt connector is undoubtedly a durable cable connector.

    The manufacturing material of the shear bolt connector (copper and aluminum) is ductile and durable.

    The bolts of shear bolt connectors are also of high quality material making the product an excellent and durable connector overall.

    Q26. How to Protect Shear Bolt Connector from Damages?

    There are rare chances of shear bolt damages because it is a reliable product with a long lasting effect.

    If any damage occurs during installation replace it with a new one.

    During installation, if you do not use the right socket wrench or cordless impact wrench then the shearing effect will not be right.

    The impression made as such will not be perfect and cause damage to the shear bolt connector.

    So, make sure to use the right tool for installation.

    Q27. What Factors Can Improve the Performance of Shear Bolt Connector?          

    Well, the improvement in the performance of the shear bolt connector depends on some factors like cleaning the inner and outer surface of the shear bolt connector before installing.

    Making sure that the shearing of bolts is done appropriately as it has a direct effect on the performance of shear bolt connectors.

    Q28. Can You Use Shear Bolt Connector for Grounding Wires?

    Yes, you can use shear bolt connectors for grounding wires.

    Grounding wires are mostly made of copper and hence they are completely compatible with the copper shear bolt connector.

    Q29. Where to Use Shear Bolt Connector?

    The Rayphen shear bolt connectors are mainly used for connecting cables together and to connect cables with electrical devices.

    They have indoor and outdoor applications in industries and automotive batteries.

    Q30. Can You Repair a Used Shear Bolt Connector?

    No, you cannot repair a used shear bolt connector just like its reinstallation.

    If you get the damaged product from the manufacturers, you can ask them for a quick replacement.

    But if it gets damaged during installation, get a new shear bolt connector for a reliable connection.

    Q31. Which Tests are Conducted for Checking the Quality of Shear Bolt Connector?

    There are certain tests that you can perform to test whether the shear blot connector is of good quality or not. These tests are:

    • Physical appearance test
    • Short circuit test
    • Inspection of size
    • Mechanical test
    • Heat cycle test
    • Torque test

    If the product goes through all these tests without any defect, it means your product is the perfect shear bolt connector.

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