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Rayphen delivers you high-end and genuine shear bolt lugs anywhere you want with easy installation features. Take a look at the product we offer!

Shear Bolt Lug
Mechanical Shear Bolt Lug with Side Palm

Manufactured with advanced technology, Rayphen mechanical shear bolt lug is available with a side palm or head. This lug is made of aluminum and highly suitable for conductors such as ACSR, AAAC, and AAC. The aluminum shear bolt lug with a sided palm is weather resistant along with explosion proof properties as well. The hole of the palm can be of different sizes.

Shear Bolt Lug with 2 Holes
BMLL Shear Bolt Lug with 2 Holes

The Rayphen BMLL shear bolt lug is unique in its construction as it has 2 holes in the palm. It is specifically designed for heavy-duty functions. These come in M12 sized shear bolts and easy to install. With the best raw materials used for manufacturing, such shear bolt lugs are suitable for the aggressive environment as well.

Shear Bolt Lug
BMLC Mechanical Shear Bot Lug with Centre Palm

This shear bolt lug is corrosion-proof, water-repelling, and fireproof having a centre palm. BMLC series is perfect for the various conductor of the range 25-400mm2. The size of the bolt is standard M16, and the shear bolts vary from 1-3. Rayphen BMLC series offers quick installation for cable branch boxes and other cable accessories applications.

Shear Bolt Lug
DTLL Bimetal Shear Bolt Lug

Bimetal shear bolt lug DTLL series by Rayphen is applicable to medium voltage. Their surface is tin-plated and cleaned by acid for stopping the production of oxide layering above it that causes corrosion. It offers good conductivity and cable termination with quick tool installation.

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BML Shear Bolt Lug

TypeConductor Cross-section(mm2)DimensionsNumber of Bolts
BML 25-9525-952412.86013/171
BML 35-15035-1502815.88613/171
BML 95-24095-240332011213/172
BML 120-300120-300372411513/172
BML 185-400185-4004225.513713/17/213
BML 500-630500-630503315013/17/213

Shear Bolt Lug with 2 Holes

TypeConductor Cross-section(mm2)DimensionsStud sizeNumber of Bolts
BMLL 35/15035-1502814316M121
BMLL 95/24095-24033168.519M122

BMLC Mechanical Shear Bolt Lug with Centre Palm

TypeConductor Cross-section(mm2)DimensionsStud sizeNumber of Bolts
BMLC 25/9525-95348013M161
BMLC 95/24095-2403412019M162
BMLC 185/300185-3003411522M162
BMLC 240/400240-4003411524M163

DTLL Bimetal Shear Bolt Lug

TypeConductor Cross-section(mm2)Stud size

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Shear Bolt Lug

Let Rayphen Become the True Companion of Your Business

Shear bolt lugs are mechanical lugs used for cable connection and termination. These mechanical cable connectors are composed of aluminum and copper or sometimes in combination, such as in the bimetal shear bolt lug. The quality of the Rayphen shear bolt lug is top-notch with all the properties.

These shear bolt lugs come in different holes in the palm plus the size and number of shear hex bolts also vary according to the application.

All the Rayphen shear bolt lugs are made under supervision and with the best quality raw materials.

200 Plus International Clients

Rayphen delivers quality shear bolt lugs to over 200 international clients with satisfaction and meeting international standard requirements.

Use of Best Raw Materials

In all the shear bolt lug manufacturing, Rayphen uses high quality raw material that gives a smooth finish and shiny appearance.

14 Years' Experience

Rayphen has an experience of 14 years in electrical fitting and cable connector dealing, like aluminum shear bolt lugs.

Compliance with Quality Control Standard

Rayphen shear bolt lug is manufactured under strict quality control standards and undergoes strict supervision at each step.

Rayphen Shear Bolt Lug

Cable connectors like Rayphen shear bolt lugs are essential when you deal with electricity as they not only give reliability but also long-lasting effects. The manufacturers ensure quality products that give cable connections a safe environment.

Made with high-quality aluminum and copper, these shear bolt lugs are suitable for various types of conductors, including ACSR, AAC, AAAC, and copper conductors.

These are perfectly waterproof and come with fireproof properties that make the Rayphen shear bolt lug even safer to apply. You can apply heat shrinks with it too and there are various sizes of covers available for these shear bolt lugs.

Rayphen BMLL mechanical shear bolt lug comes in handy for heavy duty applications through the working of its 2 differently sized holes. One of the holes is round the other one is slightly cylindrical. For termination, these are the best.

BMLC series is specific for its center palming system providing the durable application in cable branch boxes and other accessories. It is also corrosion-free and offers safety against high temperatures.

Easy and quick installation without any slight need for crimping is one of the most appreciated features of the shear bolt lug. You just need to make sure to lay hands on an appropriately sized socket wrench for its mounting.

Rayphen is your partner and cares for you that is why it believes in the client’s satisfaction. You can custom order as well through our website ad get affordable deals.

As far as the packaging is concerned, Rayphen shear bolt lugs are carefully packed with installation manuals and proper markings engraved on each piece.

If you are trying to get the right shear bolt lug, Rayphen is your trusted place where you can find the product of your desire as we offer the best deals not only in China but all across the globe.

You can communicate by sending an email or visiting our official website for any of the queries regarding the shear bolt lugs and other pole line hardware and cable lugs.

Reach us to experience an extraordinary improvement in your business!

Shear Bolt Lug FAQs—The Ultimate Guide

Cable connectors are accessories having so many benefits. Their primary purpose is to provide reliable cable connections with one another and also with electrical appliances. Among cable connectors, the shear bolt lug presents reliability and strength in cable connections.

Here is a guide for your understanding. You can have a clear idea about everything related to the shear bolt lug. It is an FAQs guide including all the questions you want to ask. We have shared shear bolt lug types, prices, features, installation, and much more information.

Let us begin!

Q1. What is Shear Bolt Lug?

A shear bolt lug is a cable connector having a barrel with shear bolts on it along with a round head.

It is used for joining different conductors at the cross-section and for the durable termination of the cable conductors.

The Rayphen shear bolt lugs are available in various forms, types, and sizes. You can order them on the basis of your needs and demands.

Shear Bolt Lug

                                 Figure 1 Shear Bolt Lug

Such cable connectors are affordable and have very reliable functionality. The installation procedure of the shear bolt lug is quick and easy. Tools for the installation are also quite simple.

Amazingly, the shear bolt lugs are suitable for many conductors such as ACSR, AAAC, AAC, and copper conductors.

You can also use them for earthing and other purposes.

Q2. How Many Parts of Shear Bolt Lug?

The shear bolt lug is not a single-piece connector. It seems a single piece but it has tiny but vital parts. Each part has a specific function and gives the shear bolt lug its uniqueness.

These parts are mostly in the form of rings made of flexible material and the rings engraved inside the shear bolt lug barrel.

The main parts of the shear bolt lug are:

  • Barrel

The barrel body is the central part of the shear bolt lug. It is the place where the connector moves and gets attached to it.

The conductor is stripped and inserted into the barrel body. It is made of aluminum or copper mostly.

On its surface, there are several shear bolts present. That is why the cable connector is known as a shear bolt lug.

  • Head/Palm

At one end of the barrel, a lug head or palm is present. The palm is usually ring type. It is the dead-end of the shear bolt lug. You cannot insert a cable into it.

  • Centering Rings

There are 2-3 centering rings that come with a shear bolt lug. When the diameter of the conductor is smaller than the diameter of the shear bolt lug, these centering rings come to the rescue.

These are fixed into the shear bolt lug and then you can attach cables through the barrel of the shear bolt lugs.

  • Transverse Grooving

Transverse grooving strips off the oxide layering of different conductors for a better contact and surface area to get attached.

These lines increase the conductivity level of stranded cables and conductors. Also, it enhances the quality of the contact between conductors and the shear bolt lug.

Q3. What are the Key Characteristics of Shear Bolt Lug?

Rayphen shear bolt lug has various unique properties that make it worth buying and trustworthy. These features are described as under:

  • The design of the shear bolt lug is unique and meant for high-end function.
  • The manufacturing material of the shear bolt lug is premium quality aluminum and copper.
  • It is a compact accessory that fits well in different setups.
  • Such shear bolt lugs work well with heat shrinks and are applied very durably.
  • An adequate torque-controlled shear bolt lug is perfect for many conductors.

These features are worth mentioning and provide a lot of benefits to you.

Q4. What are the Types of Shear Bolt Lug?

Based on the manufacturing materials, there are two kinds of shear bolt lugs. Each type differs from the other in terms of material. The working mechanism is the same.

  • Aluminum Shear Bolt Lug

These shear bolt lugs are made of aluminum. They are reliable to get attached with an aluminum conductor, including AAAC, AAC, and ACSR conductors.

The compatibility of the aluminum shear bolt lug is huge for grounding, and you can make long-lasting connections through it.

The aluminum shear bolt lug has different sizes. You need to order them according to your fittings, and they will perform brilliantly.

It works efficiently at different amperage values.

  • Bimetal Shear Bolt Lug

Bimetal shear bolt lug is the one having an aluminum barrel and bolts attached to a copper palm, or it can be the other way around like a copper barrel with bolts and an aluminum palm/head. Hence, two different but conductive materials form such lugs.

Bimetal Shear Bolt Lug

Figure 2 Bimetal Shear Bolt Lug

These shear bolt lugs have the same characteristic features and properties. The working principle is also similar to the rest of the two types.

Also, they perfectly fit with different conductors at different voltages.

Q5. What are the Benefits of Using a Shear Bolt Lug?

Previously, you get to know the types and features of the shear bolt lug. Here we will tell you all the advantages and benefits you get by using shear bolt lugs.

  • The shear bolt lug makes cable connections without the need for crimping.
  • As you see, no crimping means the installation cost will be pretty less. No need of buying expensive tools, only a socket wrench will be enough.
  • They are applicable to a vast range of conductors of various dimensions.
  • There is a layering of antioxidants that prevents oxidation and adds a lubrication factor to the shear bolt lug.
  • Shear bolt connector makes an ideal connector in an outdoor and indoor environment.
  • These high-quality shear bolt lugs work best with stranded cables, insulated cables, non-insulated cables, solid cables, round cables, and sector-shaped cables.
  • For termination, the shear bolt lug gives reliability.

Q6. For Which Types of Connections, Shear Bolt Lug is Suitable?

The usage of shear bolt lugs is very extensive. You can have many applications of Rayphen shear bolt lug.

They are very useful for indoor and outdoor setup connections because of the reliability and uniqueness in features.

Such shear bolt lugs have genuine and durable manufacturing materials such as copper and aluminum. Both these form a solid structure and are completely shock-free.

The shear bolts have certain tightening torque that makes the product well suited for indoor and outdoor activities.

Q7. Which Materials are Suitable for Manufacturing of Shear Bolt Lug?

The manufacturing material of the shear bolt lug should be 100% reliable. So, genuine and high-quality aluminum and copper are used in its manufacturing.

Let’s check why these are the perfect fit for the production of shear bolt lugs.

  • Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum is one of the highly conductive materials for electricity. Because of this property, you have seen aluminum being used as the manufacturing material for most of the electrical fittings and cable connectors.

It also has thermostability towards high temperatures. Although aluminum seems very heavy actually it is lightweight which makes it very useful for shear bolt lug production.

Due to its malleability, it is ideal for forging and casting into various shapes and sizes. Also, it is fully non-magnetic. This means it has no ability to attract surrounded materials towards itself and produce external magnetism.

Aluminum is non-toxic.

  • Copper

Copper has a very strong connection when it comes to electrical appliances, cables, and accessories. It is one of the best electricity conductors and is very conveniently available.

As copper can be cast and forged so, you can cast it into different products without any difficulty.

Rayphen copper shear bolts are thermostable as copper provides resistance against harsh temperature conditions. They are reliable and durable.

Copper has very good machinability too.

Q8. What are the Technical Requirements of Shear Bolt Lug Manufacturing?

The technical requirements of shear bolt lug productions are very important to consider while manufacturing it. These are:

  • The dimensions should be according to the standard values.
  • Shear bolt lug must have markings engraved on it.
  • Strict quality control and maintenance system must be followed.

If you intend to make your products high-end and of good quality, following these requirements is a must thing.

Q9. How to Determine the Quality of Shear Bolt Lug After Production?

These are some of the things that determine whether the shear bolt lug is good or not after manufacturing. These points are imperative to notice.

  • For the bimetal shear bolt lug, the barrel and head of the shear bolt lug need to be friction welded or electromagnetically processed.
  • The body of the shear bolt lug must be sturdy and robust.
  • There should be a smooth and burr-free shear bolt lug surface.
  • The dimensions match the dimensions of the conductor.
  • Shear bolt lug comes with proper markings.
  • The product undergoes all the standard checks and quality assured environment.

Q10. How to Select the Perfect Shear Bolt Lug for Installation?

It is pretty essential to select a shear bolt lug that works well than the rest of them. To select a top-notch shear bolt lug, there are few points to consider before buying or installing. These points are simple and easy to understand.

  • The cable’s temperature and the shear bolt lug’s temperature must be matching. By temperature, we are talking about tolerating temperatures.
  • The dimension of the cable conductors matches that of the shear bolt lug.
  • Select the size of the shear bolt lug according to the application.
  • There should not be any external or internal damages.
  • Ensure to pick that shear bolt lug that matches with the desired voltage values.
  • The manufacturing material used for its production is of good quality.

Q11. What is the Difference Between Shear Bolt Lug and Cable Lug?

The shear bolt lug and the cable lugs have somehow similar functions as they both belong to the cable connector category.

The shape of both these cable connectors is the same as both have a barrel and a head attached to them.

Cable Lug

 Figure 3 Cable Lug

However, the cable lug needs crimping whereas shear bolt lugs do not.

Shear bolt lugs have shear bolts on their barrel body and on the other hand, cable lug is without any shear bolts.

The installation tools are also different for both of them.

Q12. Which Voltage is Compatible with Shear Bolt Lug Usage?

The Rayphen shear bolt lug works best with 11kV to 33kV. It is ideal for low, medium, and high voltage values.

The most suitable voltage for shear bolt lugs is low and medium but they are capable of working exceptionally well in high voltage as well.

Many shear bolt lugs are present that conduct 66kV easily and very smoothly.

Just make sure the conductor is compatible with the shear bolt lug.

Q13. Which Tools are Needed for Shear Bolt Lug Installation?

No expensive crimping tools are needed for its installation.

You only need a socket wrench or rachet for the shearing of shear bolts until they shear off. Using a cordless impact wrench is even better as it offers precise shearing without human effort.

Socket Wrench

 Figure 4 Socket Wrench

A simple cable stripper also comes in handy if the cables to be joined need stripping.

You also need a wire brush to clean the cable’s strands to remove the oxide layering. This ensures better contact.

Q14. Is Crimping Necessary for Shear Bolt Lug?

No, crimping is not necessary in the case of shear bolt lug installation and mounting.

The simple cable lugs need crimping because it has no shear bolts. As the Rayphen shear bolt lug contains 2-6 shear bolts so, it only requires a goof socket wrench or impact wrench for secure connections.

Q15. How to Install Shear Bolt Lug Accurately?

Here is a complete installation procedure of the shear bolt lug. It is not a complicated process.

  • Match the dimensions of the cable and shear bolt lug.
  • With cable stripper, expose the cable strands for joining matching the length of shear bolt lug.
  • Through a wire brush, clean the cable strand for removal of oxide layering.
  • Put the cable into the shear bolt lug. If it is in less diameter remove it and first insert centering rings. If the cable is matching the diameter of the lug, do not insert a centering ring.
  • With hands fix tighten the shear bolts.
  • Now take the socket wrench or impact wrench and start tightening the bolts until they shear off.
  • Apply cap covers and you are done.

Q16. Where to Use Shear Bolt Lug?

There are many uses of shear bolt lugs in electrical wirings, instruments control panels, cable connections, circuit breakers, automobiles, switch cabinets, and electrical appliances.

According to the type of cable conductor, select between aluminum, copper, and bimetal shear bolt lug of your need.

Q17. Which Conductors are Suitable for Shear Bolt Lug?

For aluminum shear bolt lug, all aluminum conductors (AAC), all aluminum alloys conductor (AAAC), and aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR) are highly suitable.

Copper conductors and cables are highly compatible with copper shear bolt lugs.

You can use a bimetal shear bolt lug according to the type of barrel it has. So, they make good cable connectors overall for different conductors.

Their usage is not restricted to indoor setups, they are used for outdoor connections as well.

Q18. Can You Use Aluminum Shear Bolt Lug for Copper Conductors?

If it is a bimetal lug having an aluminum head and copper barrel, yes, you can use it.

But if it is not the case, then using a Rayphen aluminum shear bolt lug for copper conductors and cables is not a good idea. It might have not to work that efficiently as it is supposed to be.

For copper conductors, copper shear bolt lugs are the best to serve the purpose. In cable connections, conductor cable compatibility is very imperative.

So, always keep in mind to match the shear bolt lug material with the conductor material.

Q19. How Can You Differentiate Between Shear Bolt Lug and Shear Bolt Connector?

The look and type of shear bolt lug and shear bolt connector are almost alike because of the presence of shear bolts on their bodies.

They also do not require crimping for installation and making connections. The shearing effect of their bolts is also very similar.

However, the difference occurs in their construction. Shear bolt lug has lug features in it such as it has a palm/head attached to the barrel.

Shear Bolt Connector

Figure 5 Shear Bolt Connector

In the case of the shear bolt connector, no head is present. Both of its ends are open, and cables pass through it from one end to the other.

On the contrary, the one end of the shear bolt lug is a dead end not allowing the cable to pass through them as these lugs are used for termination purposes.

Q20. Can You Buy Waterproof Shear Bolt lug?

Yes, you can get a waterproof shear bolt lug at affordable prices from different authentic suppliers like Rayphen.

Purchasing a reliable waterproof cable connector is a wise move as it saves a lot of damages and economical losses.

There is a lot of humidity around us and in outdoor conditions, there are chances of rain as well. If any moisture enters into the shear bolt lug or comes in contact with it, it can cause an immense amount of loss in terms of everything.

Also, the shear bolt lug starts getting corrosion. To avoid this, you need to buy a waterproof shear bolt lug that ensures maximum security along with a smooth current flow.

Q21. Can You Apply Shear Bolt Lugs for Switch Cabinets?

Yes, you can use Rayphen shear bolt lug in switch cabinets for terminations.

As the switch cabinets are small places, you need to use a smaller shear bolt connector for this purpose. It will not only provide a secure cable connection but also gives accurate termination.

Termination by Shear Bolt Lugs with Heat Shrink

  Figure 6 Termination by Shear Bolt Lugs with Heat Shrink

Q22. Is it Okay to Use Shear Bolt Lug in Aggressive Environments?

Yes, gladly, you can utilize a shear bolt lug in aggressive and harsh climatic conditions as most of the shear bolt connectors are temperature tolerating.

This is mainly because of the thermostable manufacturing material like aluminum and copper. A heat shrink is applied to make the shear bolt lug connection even more strong and long-lasting.

For switch cabinets and other closed places like this, use a narrow-headed Rayphen shear bolt lug as it fits perfectly into the small space.

Q23. What Precautions to Consider for Shear Bolt Lug Connections?

The precautions for making shear bolt lug connections are as follows:

  • Use an appropriately sized shear bolt lug as that of the conductor.
  • Carefully go through the manual and check suitable voltage.
  • Use a marked shear bolt lug.
  • Check the shear bolt lug against short-circuiting.
  • The material of the barrel must match the cable material.
  • Turn off the main switch before starting the installation procedure.

Q24. Can You Buy a Fireproof Shear Bolt Lug?

Yes, you can buy affordable fireproof shear bolt lugs that are easily available to use.

The fireproof property of shear bolt lugs makes them highly useful for termination and cable connections.

Such shear bolt lugs are also explosion-proof as they resist any fire damages and explosion because of the electric fire in case of short-circuiting or other mishaps.

Q25. Can You Get Shear Bolt Lugs in Various Sizes?

Yes, there are different sizes of shear bolt lug available at Rayphen.

The sizes can also be customized according to your demands and needs. You just have to order for it and the product is delivered to you.

Some shear bolt lugs have a longer barrel, and some have shorter ones. This all depends on their usage and the site of their usage.

Shear Bolt Lug in Different Sizes

Figure 7 Shear Bolt Lug in Different Sizes

Q26. Is Shear Bolt Lug Compatible with Insulated Cables?

Yes, you can use a shear bolt lug with insulated cables also.

The main purpose of the shear bolt lug is to provide cable connection and termination regardless of the conductor type.

Whether you choose insulated or non-insulated cables, the Rayphen shear bolt lug works brilliantly well with both of them.

Q27. What is Shear Bolt Lug Price?

The price of the shear bolt lug depends on the size. It is also dependent on the manufacturing material and manufacturers.

The basic price range of shear bolt lugs is between US$ 0.10 to US$ 10.00.

The difference in the prices is because some manufacturers use bad quality raw materials that do not work efficiently, they are of course low priced.

The high-priced shear bolt lugs are always made of good quality raw materials that give maximum performance as well.

Q28. Can You Reuse a Shear Bolt Lug?

No, you cannot reuse a shear bolt lug.

Once the shear bolts of the shear bolt lug are sheared off there is no going back. They are very strong connectors and provide permanent effect with conductors.

For every new connection, you have to use a new shear bolt.

Q29. Is There Any Alternative to Shear Bolt Lug?  

Yes, you can use a shear bolt connector and cable lugs as an alternative to a shear bolt lug.

The functionality of both these is almost similar to the shear bolt lug. Also, the shear bolt lug has features of both of them.

That is why they can be used as a replacement for the shear bolt lug.

Q30. Are Shear Bolt Lugs Reliable to Use for Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC)?

No, there is no application of shear bolt lug for aerial bundled cables.

The reason behind this is that the shear bolt lug is not an overhead line fitting, it is a cable connector. For using aerial bundled cables, overhead fittings are used.

For aerial bundled cables, pre-insulated cable lugs come in handy.

Q31. In What Ways You Can Increase the Efficiency of Shear Bolt Lugs?

The shear bolt lug’s performance and working efficiency are improved by cleaning the body of the shear bolt lug.

Also, before installation, make sure to clean the conductor’s oxide layer for a proper and securely locked contact surface that is necessary for making connections.

Use of appropriately sized socket wrench and ensure adequate torque for shearing off the hex bolts.

Q32. How to Protect Shear Bolt Lug from Getting Damaged?

The damaging of shear bolt lugs are very rare as the manufacturing material is durable and has unique properties.

Almost every supplier ensures the safety of the shear bolt lug through safe packaging. The only chances of damage are during the installation process.

For this, always use standard tools and measurements.

Q33. Is it Safe to Use Shear Bolt Lug for Grounding Wires?

Yes, you can definitely use shear bolt lugs in the termination of grounding wires.

Their unique features make shear bolt lugs a wonderful cable connector having so many applications. The grounding wires are mostly insulated ones which means they are completely compatible with the shear bolt lug.

For grounding purposes, using a heat shrink is also good for extra safety, reliability, and durability.

Q34. Can You Use Shear Bolt Lug for ADSS Cables?

No, unfortunately, you cannot use shear bolt lugs for making connections with ADSS cables. However, pre-insulated cable lugs can serve the purpose.

Rayphen shear bolt lugs cannot be used because ADSS cables are overhead line cables whereas the shear lug is only a ground cable connector.

It has no aerial or overhead application found yet.

Q35. What is the Proper Way to Pack Shear Bolt Lugs?

Properly packing shear bolt lugs before delivery is very important to increase the longevity of the shear bolt lug. The main points to remember while packing is as under:

  • Put every shear bolt lug in a separate plastic bag.
  • Installation manual within the packaging is a must thing.
  • It must contain centering plates sealed in small plastic bad with each shear bolt lug.

Q36. Is it Possible to Repair a Used Sher Bolt Lug?

No, it is not possible to repair a used shear bolt lug. This accessory once joined and shared cannot be new ever again.

When the hex bolts got sheared with a socket wrench, there is no going back to the initial condition. Even if it gets damaged, you cannot repair the shear bolt lug.

Every new installation requires a new shear bolt lug.

Q37. Is Shear Bolt Lug Long Lasting? 

Yes, shear bolt lugs and other cable connectors like that are long-lasting.

They are made of hard and ductile manufacturing materials which are not only electrically stable but thermally also.

This thing makes them long-lasting.

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