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Grow Your Business to the Top Level with Rayphen Spacer Dampers

Do you wish to see what products we are offering? We hear you. Here is our latest energy-saving spacer damper design collection made with advanced technology.

Type FJZ Twin Spacer Damper

This is a power line spacer with having aluminum alloy body and keepers. The damper itself is made of a DEMP elastomer whereas, the other parts are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Such twin spacer dampers transmission lines are highly compatible with various conductors. The sleek design of the Rayphen type FJZ spacer damper is unique and lightweight. It is clamped pretty conveniently to the transmission line conductors. This type is high temperature resistant because of the rubber part.

Type FJQ Twin Spacer Damper

Twin spacer of this series are highly reliable having glossier appearance and easy installation. Being maintenance free, Rayphen type FJQ interphase spacers are economical from all aspects. They have smooth edges and anti-fatigue property. No falling or bolt loosening for such dampers after installation. Interestingly they are high temperature tolerant and environmentally friendly.

MRJ Double Bundle Twin Spacer Damper

These conductor spacers for transmission line are specifically made for double bundled conductors. They have special features like being temperature tolerant and ingenious design. It has an aluminum alloy casting with hardware of galvanized steel. Such Rayphen damper is flexible to use and have very smooth edges. It is quite suitable for aluminum stranded cables and steel-core-stranded cables.

Triple Spacer Damper

Rayphen power line spacer damper type FJZ3 is designed for all the overhead transmission line conductors along with the earth wires. The conductors such as AAC, AAAC, ACSR, and AACSR fully connect with the damper. This triple interphase spacers damper provides 100% control for wind vibrations and sub conductor oscillations.  Being easy to install, they save you the cost of labor. Their rubber makes softer and cleaner contact among different conductors reducing the conductor’s damages to a lesser extent.

Quadrant Spacer Damper

These are high voltage Rayphen spacer dampers. Transmission lines have such dampers at various places as they perform their function effectively. Quadrant spacer damper from the series FJZ has components made of aluminum, elastomer (DEMP), and hot-dip galvanized steel. At Rayphen We have double frame Quadrant Spacer Damper, cross-type Quadrant Spacer Damper, and jumper type Quadrant Spacer Damper for your choice.

More Details about Rayphen Overhead Line Fittings

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    Spacer Dampers

    Make Rayphen Your Loyal Partner in Business for Exceptional Growth

    The use of a spacer in transmission lines is not a thing of the past. With advanced technology, coping up with the challenge of sub conductor oscillations is necessary. Rayphen spacer dampers are the best solution anyone ever asks for.

    So what is the purpose of the spacer in the transmission line? The spacer dampers are mainly used to reduce the vibration amplitude of the overhead power line conductors, lightning protection conductors, and voltage equalization shielding, etc.

    These various conductor spacers are available at an affordable price under a platform where you get the best deals, Rayphen.

    Based on their designs, the spacer dampers are used for high voltage overhead transmission lines. They provide excellent results in handling sub conductor vibrations.

    Rayphen interphase spacer dampers transmission lines are made with hot-dip galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, and a part of elastomer offering them high mechanical strength.

    They are not strong only electrically but also control the severe oscillations very conveniently and within few seconds.

    These dampers are accompanied by rubber edges that are environmentally friendly, semi-conductive, and highly suitable for high voltage (HV) and ultra-high voltage (UHV). Also, through the advanced technology by Rayphen, the spacer’s elastomer was coated quite close to spacers.

    Series FJZ3 spacer damper’s role in maintaining a fair and safe distance among transmission line conductors is exceptional. Their compatibility with different conductors made them highly useful.

    The power line spacers type FJZ by Rayphen are hot-dip galvanized with brilliant oscillation and aeolian vibration dissipating capacity. There do not need maintenance, are anti-fatigue and their bolts do not get loose any time.

    200 International Clients

    Rayphen is delivering the best spacer dampers to over 200 clients internationally with complete trust and friendly terms.

    Best Raw Materials

    Rayphen uses high-quality raw material for the production of spacer dampers without any compromise in manufacturing quality.

    Experience of 14 Years

    Having experience of 14+ years in power line spacer dampers manufacturing, Rayphen made the best products with its experience.

    Quality Control Compliance

    All the spacer dampers at Rayphen go under strict quality control checks at various points during production to assure top-notch products.

    Rayphen Spacer Dampers

    Do you want to experience the best outcome in your business through spacer dampers? Transmission lines are well accompanied with such dampers for their protection and smooth functioning.

    Rayphen spacer dampers are the best among all its competitor’s products in having unique designs of conductor spacers in transmission line.

    The power line spacers are helpful in preventing the whip produced due to power line dancing, lessens the conductor’s and damper’s abrasion along extending the longevity of the damper and conductor.

    The rubber is effective in making the contact between the spacer damper and the conductor quite soft. This reduces the weariness of the conductor greatly.

    Moreover, the rubber is eco-friendly, high temperature tolerant, hard-wearing, semi-conductive, and also fulfills the requirement of its usage with high voltages (HV) and ultra-high voltages (UHV).

    At the spacer damper’s movable joint, the rubber acts as a damping element so that it can take in the energy of conductor vibration and build a damping effect on the conductor’s vibration.

    Rayphen by advanced technology enhances the feature of elastomer by bringing it closer to a spacer.

    Based on their duckbill end handling, Rayphen spacers reduce the corona interference and radio waves interference in the line.

    The use of spacers in transmission line prevents a lot of severity from the harms of sub conductor oscillations and vibrations caused by wind. It is mainly due to their non-production of electromagnetic force among harness wire in case short-circuiting happens

    Various types of Rayphen spacer dampers are best in their performance of keeping the conductors at a fair distance and prevent oscillation clashes.

    Rayphen MRJ double bundled spacer dampers ensure that inspection tools of split wire harness persist unchangingly.

    Among spacer dampers, their preformed armor rod continuously repairs bolt looseness because of creep, the vibration of conductors, and the deformation of plastic. Ultimately, the anti-fatigue property of both conductor and the spacer is enhanced.

    If you wish to make a customized order and want your personal measurements infused in spacer dampers, not an issue at Rayphen. We also take custom orders. For this, you have to ensure your demands and requirements regarding the interphase spacers of your own choice.

    All the spacer dampers at Rayphen are compatible with AAC, AAAC, ACSR, AACSR, and earth wires due to all alloy material reducing eddy current loss while working.

    Rayphen uses quality raw material in making spacers in transmission line as it has a direct effect on the quality of the product. Our spacer dampers are rust-free and have a burr-free smooth surface.

    Connecting with the clients and customers is the utmost priority of Rayphen. We believe in sharing and make our customers feel at home.

    Our helpline service is available 24/7 where you can contact us and ask for any power line spacers related query.

    If you still have difficulty finding solutions to your problems, contact us ASAP!

    Spacer Dampers FAQs—The Complete Guide

    If you are asking for help before buying spacer dampers as you know very little about them.

    Then this is the right place you have landed.

    We are providing all information regarding spacer dampers from basic to complicated.

    Clear your mind and go through this ultimate FAQ guide to better know your most anticipated product, spacer dampers.

    This guide has all the installation-related queries. So, feel free to read them all and get the benefit.

    Q1. What are Spacer Dampers?

    Spacer Damper

                                                                        Figure 1 Spacer Dampers

    The spacer damper is meant to suppress the sub-span oscillations of bundle conductors due to which a lot of damage can occur to the bundle conductor.

    Rayphen spacer dampers have a unique combination of a spacer and a damper.

    The spacer is accompanied for the purpose of maintaining separation in conductors whereas the damper absorbs the wind vibrations.

    Spacer dampers have a vast role in transmission lines as they are involved in keeping the conductors and transmission line fittings safe from the damage of aeolian vibrations.

    There are available in different designs and structures through their function remains constant.

    You can always choose according to different consideration factors discussed later in the guide.

    The installation procedure is also pretty easy and many conductors are compatible with spacer dampers.

    Q2. What is Phase Spacer in Transmission Lines?

    Interphase Spacer                                                             Figure 2 Interphase Spacer in Transmission Lines

    The phase spacer dampers are insulated rod type spacers having the support of phase conductors.

    They control the two-phase conductor distance.

    Their shape is a slender rod having cross-sections that are installed among phase conductors of a closed circuit.

    These cross-sections play an integral role in supporting the phase connections of the circuit.

    In different circumstances, when the transmission line system begins vibrating, because of icing, wind, electromagnetism, the phase spacer installed will bear the pressure.

    Q3. What is the Working Mechanism of Spacer Dampers?

    Rayphen spacer damper dissipates the energy of vibration on various sub-conductors by means of some elastomer parts.

    Interestingly, the spacer damper’s movable rubber part performs as a damping part in order to take in the energy of aeolian vibrations (wind vibrations).

    It reduces the chances of power fittings to get wear off because of the conductor’s relative motion.

    In this way, the fittings are saved from damages. It also increases the longevity and safety of the entire line.

    Spacer dampers are electrical power fittings that not only maintain the conductors far from each other but also reduce the conductor’s galloping.

    The phase galloping is suppressed by space bars. This causes the weakening of galloping and also maintains the air gaps among conductors.

    Q4. What are Some of the Features of Spacer Dampers?

    These are some of the features associated with Rayphen spacer dampers:

    • Spacer dampers provide a dependable and firm hold.
    • They are mechanically very strong, especially against heavy ice conditions.
    • Suitable for harsh weather conditions.
    • The clamping grip strength is really effective and firm.
    • These spacer dampers have optimized designs.
    • They are easy to install as they are hinged.
    • The biggest plus point of these spacer dampers is that they are anti-fatigue.
    • Bolts of Rayphen spacer dampers do not get loose.
    • Spacer dampers have an ingenious design with a glossier appearance.
    • The edges of the spacer damper are smooth.
    • It has different types that is why they are employed in multiple applications.
    • Most of the spacer dampers are maintenance-free so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on them.
    • The manufacturing material of the spacer damper is of the best quality and completely reliable.
    • Amazingly, the spacer dampers are environmentally friendly and can tolerate high temperatures.
    • They are anti-fatigue and low-maintenance spacer damper.

    All these features make the spacer damper a great accessory to use in transmission lines.

    Q5. What is the Purpose of Using Spacer Damper in Overhead Transmission Lines?

    Well, the use of spacer besides spacer damper is to keep the conductors at a fair distance among them.

    On the other hand, spacer dampers very efficiently dampen the wind vibrations in transmission lines.

    They themselves maintain distance among different bundled conductors.

    Q6. How Do You Choose Accurate Spacer Dampers for Installation?

    These are some key considerations that you must see in a Rayphen spacer damper before buying the perfect product for yourself.

    • Spacer damper should be made of high-quality materials.
    • They are chosen according to the dimensions of conductors.
    • Check if there is any external damage to it. If present, get a new one.
    • The use of a spacer damper is not essential for every overhead transmission line. Get when you feel like getting one.

    Q7. What is the Function of Triple Spacer Dampers?

    The triple Rayphen spacer dampers are nothing different from the spacer damper.

    They perform the same functions as spacer damper.

    All triple spacer dampers constitute three clamps that make them fit holding three conductors.

    There are two designs of triple damping spacers.

    One with a more fan-like arrangement having three clamps attached to a common center.

    The other one is having three clamps joined to form a triangle.

    Such dampers are designed for giving corona-free transmission line performance for high voltage such as 500kV.

    Some are also available for voltage up to 765kV.

    Q8. What are the Advantages of Spacer Dampers?

    The construction of damping spacers provides huge benefits such as:

    • Their hollow cavity provides a place of accommodation of energy absorbing means.
    • Rayphen’s spacer damper split main body construction is helpful in repairing and assembly of spacer dampers.
    • It allows easy and quick replacement.
    • As they are made of light aluminum casting, they provide corona-free performance.
    • They control their body weight according to the vibrations having a natural frequency.

    Q9. How Many Components of Spacer Damper are There?

    Rayphen spacer damper does not have complex components because it has a simple structure.

    It contains three-conductor clamps and a frame to which they are connected having damping elements.

    Such elements are made from an elastomer of elastic macro-molecules.

    These elastomers have energy absorption capabilities to damp the wind vibrations.

    Q10. Which Materials are Suitable for Spacer Damper Manufacturing?

    Aluminum alloy and elastomer are used in the manufacturing of spacer dampers.

    • Aluminum

    It is a lightweight element that makes an excellent material for clamping elements.

    Aluminum alloy is corrosion-free and is non-magnetic.

    That means it cannot attract the other metallic objects towards itself.

    • Elastomer

    These are materials having elastic rubber-like properties but they are not plastic.

    Such material is measured by its hardness.

    These materials are easily stretched and therefore they are best suited for producing different structures.

    It is very malleable and you can forge any shape through it.

    Q11. What are Different Designs of Spacer Dampers for Transmission Lines?

    There are different designs of Rayphen spacer damper.

    They have different shapes and designs but their main purpose is the same.

    Their names are:

    • Twin Spacer Damper

    It is a straight damper designed for two conductors.

    Twin Spacer                                                          Figure 3 Twin Spacer Damper

    • Triple Spacer Damper

    A triple spacer damper is a fan-shaped or triangular damper for three transmission line cables.

    Triple Spacer Damper                                                       Figure 4 Two Designs of Triple Spacer Damper

    • Quadruple Spacer Damper

    This Rayphen spacer damper has a square shape having 4 clamps for four overhead transmission line conductors.

    Quadruple Spacer Damper                                                             Figure 5 Quadruple Spacer Damper

    • Hexagon Spacer Damper

    These perform the same function as twin, triple, or quadruple spacer dampers but they have six clamps for six transmission line conductors.

    Hexagon Spacer Damper                                                              Figure 6 Hexagon Spacer Damper

    Q12. On What Factors Vibrations are Produced in Transmission Lines?

    The direction and steady speed of wind are the reasons behind vibration production in transmission lines.

    The span length of all the overhead transmission lines has a relation with vibration frequency and wavelength.

    Conductor diameter and material also contribute to the aeolian vibration production.

    The amplitude of transmission line conductors decreases as soon as you install a spacer damper.

    The same goes with ground wires.

    As a result, a stable frequency is achieved.

    All the wind vibration levels and fatigue removal is controlled by this.

    Ultimately, the conductor’s lifespan increases.

    Q13. What Needs Attention During Spacer Damper Installation?

    Before installation, calculate the correct span length and catenary length very precisely.

    If the dampers are not placed at correct span lengths, it will cause trouble.

    Also, check that the diameter of the Rayphen spacer damper matches with the size of the conductor to which it is going to get attached.

    Spacer alignment should be correct.

    Q14. What are the Installation Requirements of Spacer Damper?

    The tools of the Rayphen spacer damper installation must be appropriate.

    Ensure to get the proper turn fastener for firm connection and installation.

    Q15. How to Install Spacer Dampers Accurately on Transmission Lines?

    Installation of a spacer damper is not a very complex task.

    You just have to get the appropriate tool and weather conditions for this purpose.

    Here are the general instructions for installing Rayphen spacer dampers in the overhead transmission line.

    • First, make sure you have the appropriate spacer damper having matching size with the conductor.
    • Ensure to get the proper turn fastener with you.
    • Calculate the span length through the spacing chart provided by the manufacturers.
    • Mark the place of the conductor after calculating span length L.
    • Now align the spacer damper correctly.
    • The keepers of clamps must open downwards.
    • Open the nut of every clamp and place them onto conductor cables.
    • Close the keeper of the clamps.
    • At last, tighten the bolts with the appropriate tool and enough torque.

    Check for any loose connection and you are done with the installation process.

    Q16. Is it Necessary to Regularly Check the Installed Spacer Dampers?

    No, it is not essential to regularly check the installed spacer dampers.

    As it is already mentioned before that Rayphen spacer dampers do not need maintenance services.

    Once you have installed them perfectly, there are very few chances of them getting damaged.

    It all depends on the quality and right installation.

    Successfully Installed Spacer Damper In Transmission Line                                             Figure 7 Successfully Installed Spacer Damper in Transmission Line

    Q17. What Should be the Installation Distance of Spacer Dampers?

    The installation distance of spacer dampers is not specific.

    There are different distances for every spacer damper.

    It is generally determined by the designer.

    Every Rayphen spacer damper manufacturer has a different value of installation distance.

    However, it is generally believed that conductors must be 200-300 ft apart from each other.

    This is the only way you can avoid span clashing.

    Spacer dampers not only provide the necessary spacing among different conductors but also dissipate the vibration energy.

    Q18. By Which Measures Can You Determine the Installation Position of Space Dampers?

    The only measure for determining the right position for a spacer damper to get installed is by calculating the span length.

    Consult with the spacing chart provided with the spacer damper and mark the conductor at an appropriate distance.

    Where you have marked, place the Rayphen spacer damper and install it.

    Q19. What is a Twin Spacer Damper?

    These Rayphen spacer dampers are meant for controlling the oscillation of the conductor and vibrations produced by wind.

    They also maintain a fair distance between conductors even in case of short-circuiting.

    The arm, frame, and keeper are an aluminum alloy made.

    Such spacers have good quality rust-free bolts and nuts.

    Q20. How to Differentiate Between Triple and Quadruple Spacer Dampers?

    The basic function and purpose of the Rayphen triple spacer damper and quadruple spacer damper are the same.

    However, they are different in their shape and appearance.

    A triple spacer damper is more like a fan-shaped or triangular spacer damper used for three cables.

    On the other hand, the quadruple spacer damper has four clamps and is a square damper.

    It is meant for four-conductor cables.

    Q21. What is the Method of Replacement of Spacer Dampers on 500kV Transmission Lines?

    There is no special method of replacing a spacer damper on a 500kV transmission line.

    If the spacer damper needs replacement, open the bolts with the same turn fastener used for its installation.

    Open the keepers and remove the clamps from the conductor.

    With installation instructions, install the new one.

    Q22. For Which Types of Conductors Using a Spacer Damper is Reliable?

    Rayphen spacer dampers are used reliably for all overhead transmission line conductors, including aluminum conductors.

    They are good for ACSR, AAC, and AAAC conductors.

    These are specially designed for high voltage overhead transmission lines.

    Q23. Can You Use Spacer Damper for Insulated Wires?

    No, you cannot use spacer dampers for insulated wires.

    This is because normally the overhead transmission line cables are not insulated.

    You know, the spacer dampers are designed specifically for transmission line cables and optical ground wiring.

    Therefore, it is not suitable to use spacer dampers for insulated wires and cables.

    Q24. Can You Use Spacer Damper for Extra High Voltage (EHV) Lines?

    Yes, spacer dampers are used for extra-high voltage (EHV) lines and ultra-high voltage (UHV).

    For this purpose, you have to use a Rayhen spacer damper of relatively high resonance frequency to absorb the major vibrations produced.

    Q25. What is Spacer Damper Price?

    The price of a spacer damper is US$3.00-US$16.00.

    The price totally depends on the manufacturers and the size of the spacer damper.

    It also is dependent on the manufacturing material.

    If the material is made of good quality, the spacer damper will be expensive than the rest of the dampers having a similar size.

    Q26. Is There Any Alternative to Spacer Damper?

    Yes, you can use vibration dampers instead of spacer dampers.

    Vibration Damper                                                                       Figure 8 Vibration Damper

    There is a condition to that.

    If you want to use a vibration damper rather than a spacer damper, you have to use a spacer separately.

    It is because vibration dampers only deal with vibration absorbance.

    They are not related to providing space among the conductors.

    For this reason, spacer dampers are more preferred as they perform two functions at the same time.

    Q27. Can You Get Spacer Dampers in Various Sizes?

    Yes, various sizes of spacer dampers are available to purchase.

    There are multiple sizes available according to your need.

    It depends on the application and size of the conductor.

    You can also customize your order at Rayphen.

    For this, give your requirements and measuring.

    The right product will be delivered your way.

    Q28. How Can You Protect Spacer Dampers from Damages?

    Protection of Rayphen spacer dampers from rust and corrosion is important.

    They are an important part of transmission lines and are made for the prevention of vibration harm.

    Most of the manufacturers ensure good quality spacer dampers by using good manufacturing materials.

    That is why there are few chances of them getting damaged.

    Over a while, they may fatigue and you need to replace them with new spacer dampers.

    Q29. Are Inter-Phase Spacer Dampers Reliable to Use?

    Yes, they are completely reliable to use Rayphen inter-phase spacers.

    They are made for various customized applications.

    These spacers have adjustable lengths and are resistant to compressive loads.

    Q30. Is it Suitable for Connecting Two Wires Using Spacer Dampers?

    No, it is a bad idea to use Rayphen spacer dampers for connecting two wires.

    This overhead transmission line accessory is not a cable connector.

    It is designed for absorbing wind vibrations along with providing a fair distance among transmission line conductors.

    Q31. Can You Reinstall a Spacer Damper?

    No, it is not good to reinstall used spacer dampers.

    When they are installed once on a transmission line or ground wires, they are just like fixed to the conductors.

    Removing them and using them again is not suitable.

    If you feel like there is a need for a Rayphen spacer damper, always use a new piece.

    The old and weary spacer dampers cannot work to their best.

    Q32. How Can You Get Customized Spacer Dampers?

    Getting a customized spacer damper is not a difficult task.

    You can order the customized dampers at Rayphen.

    Place your orders by telling your requirements.

    We have awesome deals for bulk custom orders.

    Ensure you are getting the right spacer damper for the appropriate application.

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