The Best Split Bolt Connector Supplier – Rayphen
The Best Split Bolt Connector Supplier – Rayphen

Why Rayphen Split Bolt Connector

Best Quality Split Bolt Connector to Roar Your Business

Rayphen wishes to aid you to make your project as roaring as it can be, no matter how large or small the job. Here are some of our electrical split bolt connector products to complete your projects.

Copper Split Bolt Connector

Rayphen offers copper/ bronze split bolt connector with a excellent resistance to corrosion. split bolt connector  has good electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance and fast heat dissipation characteristics. As a professional split bolt connector supplier, we provide exquisite split bolt connector, special details, such as corner treatment, threaded surface.

Bronze/ Brass Split Bolt Connector

At Rayphen, our bronze/ brass split bolt connector can be tin plated or without tin plated for you. Tin plating is to better prevent oxidation and corrosion resistance. And the split bolt connector accommodate all aluminum and copper conductor combinations. Just send us your inquiry, We will support you to the select ideal split bolt connector for your project.

Tin-Plated Aluminum Split Bolt Connector

Rayphen split bolt connector is made from high strength heat treated aluminum alloy. The tin-plated aluminum split bolt connector is a ideal device for copper to aluminum connections. At the same time, we offer different specifications, sizes and designs of split bolt connector for your choice. Contact with us now.

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    Rayphen Split Bolt Connector

    Rayphen is a popular producer of high-quality split bolt connector. We here at Rayphen are grateful to offer you an extensive range of these split bolt connector supplies.

    Whether you’re on the large multinational organizations or small individual companies, Rayphen has a split bolt connector to manufacture an economical and comprehensive solution.

    Rayphen split-bolt connectors are designed for copper-to-copper, aluminum to aluminum, and copper to aluminum connections. Its corrosion-resistant and high-strength construction made Rayhen split bolt connector popular in the marketplace. They are featuring a hex-style head and copper pressure bar.

    Why Rayphen Split Bolt Connector

    At Rayphen, We have a brass split bolt connector, copper split bolt connector and aluminum split bolt connector for your choice. The split bolt connector is also named split bolt line tap, split lug, split bolt clamp, or split connector clamp and split bolt ground clamp.

    If you’re considering the best split bolt connector manufacturer and supplier, you are in the right place. Rayphen is the most trusted supplier and manufacturers of excellent split bolt wire connectors in China with 14 years of expertise.

    Rayphen wire bolt connector is manufactured and designed to fit different requirements of various applications. You can use Rayphen split connector with a wide range of solid copper wire, compressed, compact, copper-weld rebar and conductors.

    The split bolt connector is an ideal device. If you need to connect multiple wires in power or grounding electrical connection applications. You can install it without a crimping tool. The large contoured spacer gives wide separation.

    Here in Rayphen, you can get high mechanical & electrical characteristics, high-strength Cu alloy, durable, and extremely resistant to corrosion, wear and tear split bolt connector. You can have a quality split bolt connector to complete your projects and business necessities.

    Rayphen split bolt connector can be installed only with a universal wrench, no need for special tools, the surface of split bolt connector is slippery, no burrs, and the threaded body can be quickly rotated for easy installation.

    Rayphen is capable to provide superior services in the split bolt connector industry, design, inspection, and production. Rayphen offers a secure connection for a full range of wide cross-sections and all connector combinations. Our electrical split bolt connectors are manufacture based on the ISO 9001-2008 authenticated.

    Our design team and specialists have done strict quality inspections during the production of the Rayphen split bolt connector. Rayphen is an expert split bolt connector manufacturer, distributor, and supplier for 14 years.

    Our products have been exported to many countries including America, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Africa, and Italy. In fact, Rayphen split bolt electrical connector has gained the best reputation in both Domestic and Foreign sales.

    We can provide a one-stop-shop split bolt connector solution to all our dear clients. Rayphen is equipped with advanced production utilities and performs excellent fabrication processes to ensure the precise and extraordinary design of your split bolt connector.

    Let Rayphen assists your customer’ and business satisfaction. Contact us now for queries.

    Split Bolt Connector- A Complete FAQ Guide

    Do you have several questions in mind regarding split bolt connectors but can’t find their answers?

    Don’t worry!

    We have everything ready for you.

    Our complete FAQ guide for split bolt connectors will unveil all the information and confusion you have in mind.

    Q1. What Is A Split Bolt Connector?

    A sample Split Bolt Connector

                                                Figure 1: A sample split bolt connector

    It is a small tool having big purposes in mechanical and electrical work.

    They consist of robust materials and can withstand harsh environmental conditions while staying at their place.

    The split bolt connectors come in various shapes and sizes and vary in their uses because of different materials or alloys.

    They are useful because of their simple installation.

    Split bolt connectors do not usually require any expensive tools for working.

    Their small size and durability make them ideal for connecting wires and cables.

    Q2. What Are The Uses Of Split Bolt Connectors?

    A Split Bolt Connector connecting two wires

                                                Figure 2: A split bolt connector connecting two wires

    Split bolts usually find their uses in mechanical and electrical systems.

    Their primary purpose is to connect two wires.

    It consists of two parts: the split and the bolt.

    When you need to splice two wires into a single wire, you hold their ends in the bolt and clamp down the split.

    It creates a connection and makes them stay in place.

    This process is useful when working with electrical appliances in the industry or home.

    Using a Split Bolt Connector

                                                Figure 3: Using a split bolt connector

    The split bolt connectors also find use in other electrical connections for bonding and connecting grounds.

    The different materials of split bolts make them ideal for grounding purposes.

    For connecting wires to an existing power source, split bolts serve their purpose by connecting ground wires, making the process convenient and manageable.

    You can also use them to extend the ground wires by connecting them.

    In the past several years, these connectors are also used to add another telephone line.

    For this purpose, people use a splitter and split the existing outlet into two, and then secure them using a split bolt connector.

    In this way, you can splice different cords into one by using split bolt connectors, which won’t affect the quality of the line already functioning.

    It also saves you some time and money by providing a shortcut.

    Split bolt connectors are also useful in connecting cable lines the same way as telephone lines.

    As many times the cable lines are installed inappropriately, you need to reroute the cable line if you need access to it.

    It may seem to be a complicated process, but split bolt connectors make it a lot easier.

    By placing the split bolts under the baseboard or along with it, they will keep the cable line secure.

    A safe passage will be maintained for the cable to run without any damage to the line.

    Although many people use staples for this task, split bolt connectors are useful if you need to splice several lines together.

    If the cable line is correctly secure, it will stay in place and out of sight, making other house members safe from the wires.

    Q3. What Are The Different Types Of Split Bolt Connectors?

    Split bolt connectors are differentiated based on their shape, size, material, and coating, drive style, finishing, etc.

    The most common types of split bolt connectors are Aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper split bolt connectors.

    ·  Aluminum split bolt connectors:

    Aluminum Split Bolt Connector

                                                 Figure 4: Aluminum split bolt connector

    The aluminum split bolt connectors are heated with aluminum alloy and find their uses in connecting two conductors.

    They are suitable for:

    1. Aluminum to Aluminum Connections
    2. Copper to Copper Connections
    3. Aluminum to Copper Connections

    The tin-plated aluminum split bolt connector consists of high-quality aluminum, which is further plated with tin to increase its corrosion resistance properties.

    The tin-plated is one of the best split bolt connectors to use with aluminum and copper wire connections.

    ·  Copper split bolt connector:

    Copper Split Bolt Connector

                                                 Figure 5: Copper split bolt connector

    The copper split bolts are treated with high-quality copper alloy, called Gunmetal.

    They have excellent corrosion resistance properties.

    Besides, their tolerance to high temperatures and high electrical conductivity make them last longer than many other split bolt connectors.

    These are used in splicing wires, in taps, and for direct burial.

    Besides, you can use them in multiple types of copper wires, including solid copper wires, compressed, compact, rebar, and copper weld conductors.

    You can also use them on aluminum wires safely.

    ·  Brass split bolt connectors:

    Brass Split Bolt Connector

                                                Figure 6: Brass split bolt connector

    The brass split bolt connectors are manufactured from high-quality brass and copper alloy.

    Many companies also use aluminum in the manufacturing of brass split bolt connectors.

    The combination of these materials increases their corrosion-resistant properties, conductivity, and durability.

    They can be coated with tin to make them corrosion resistant.

    However, they are also electroplated with other materials.

    The brass split bolt connectors are compatible with all aluminum and copper conductors and wires.

    · Bronze split bolt connectors:

    Bronze Split Bolt Connector

                                               Figure 7: Bronze split bolt connector

    The primary material used to manufacture bronze split bolt connectors is bronze alloy.

    You can either buy tin-plated or non-tin-plated bronze split bolt connectors.

    The reason for tin plating is to increase its corrosion-resistant properties and durability.

    Many electricians often use them for copper to copper connections.

    These four are the most common types of split bolt connectors used in the industry.

    However, there are many others as well that differ from each other based on their plating.

    The plating on split bolt connectors can be of any type, including zinc, chrome, natural brass, nickel-brass, hot-dip galvanized, bronze, and electroplating, phosphate, electro tin, etc.

    Q4. Do Split Bolt Connectors Have A Limit Regarding The Wires?

    Wires in a Split Bolt Connector

                                                Figure 8: Wires in a split bolt connector

    Almost all the split bolts have a limit of two wires.

    It means you can splice 2 wires under a split bolt connector for wiring and electrical purposes.

    However, you can put a maximum of 3/0 stranded wires under a split bolt.

    It means you can also splice three wires together using a split bolt connector.

    This limit is for both wire splicing and taps.

    Q5. Is A Split Bolt A Wire Connector?

    A Split Bolt Connector as a wire connector

                                              Figure 9: A split bolt connector as a wire connector

    The primary purpose of split bolt connectors is to splice two wires together.

    Thus, as it performs the function of connecting two or more wires, we can call it a wire connector as well.

    Most commonly, copper split bolts are used for connecting a copper wire to another copper wire.

    However, a wire connector and split bolt connector differ in their shape and materials, while the function is the same.

    Q6. What Is The Correct Procedure Of Wrapping A Split Bolt Connector?

    Wrapping a Split Bolt Connector with tape

                                                Figure 10: Wrapping a split bolt connector with tape

    You can wrap a split bolt connector by using high-quality cambric tape.

    We also call it electrical tape because it is polished with an electrical-insulating varnish.

    Wrapping or insulating a split bolt connector is the best choice, especially if you splice wires carrying electrical current.

    Cambric tapes can prevent the split bolt connector from harsh weather, and prevent sparking of wires due to the electrical current.

    The correct procedure of insulating a split bolt connector is by wrapping two layers of varnished cambric tape around it.

    You need to be very careful with the process and make sure to stretch the tape while holding it in your hand, and then wrap it around.

    If you wrap it loosely, the tape won’t stay steady and will look untidy.

    After wrapping two layers of cambric tape, the next step is to cover the spliced wires with four half-lapped rubber mastic tape layers.

    A couple of layers of electrical tape can also be used for the task.

    Q7. Can I Use Friction Tape For Insulating A Split Bolt Connector?

    Yes, you can use friction tape for insulating a split bolt connector.

    Besides, friction tape is also used to insulate electric wires and cable splices.

    It is a strong adhesive tape which consists of a cloth.

    The base of the cloth is made of rubber adhesive.

    That is why it is also called rubber tape.

    These tapes were widely used in the past by electricians due to their thick nature and strong insulating properties.

    However, electrical tapes have now replaced them.

    Q8. Can You Use Copper Split Bolts On Aluminum Wires?

    You can use copper split bolts to connect two aluminum wires.

    However, connecting copper and aluminum wires is not considered to be safe.

    The only safe way to connect them is by using a split bolt connector.

    You can splice both the wires separately to prevent them from corrosion.

    Q9. How Do You Use A Split Bolt Wire Connector?

    A Split Bolt wire Connector

                                               Figure 11: A split bolt wire connector

    We use the split bolt wire connector similarly to other split bolt connectors.

    For this purpose, we slide the two wires in the bolt and clamp them with the split.

    As the wires are hard, you might need to use a wrench to tighten the split and make the connection secure.

    Q 10. Can I Splice An 8 Gauge Wire With A Split Bolt Connector?

    #8 AWG Split Bolt Connector

    Figure 12: #8 AWG split bolt connector

    Yes, you can easily splice an 8 gauge wire using a split bolt connector.

    These wires are easy to splice due to their smooth surface, higher strength, and grease and oil-resistant surface.

    They are usually 0.129 inches in diameter and thus can fit inside a split bolt connector easily.

    Q 11. What Wire Size Can Split Bolt Connectors Accommodate?

    500 MCM Split Bolt Connector

    Figure 13: 500 MCM split bolt connector

    The wire size of split bolt connectors can be indicated in terms of MCM or KCMIL.

    In general, almost all split bolt connectors have a wire size of 250 – 500 MCM.

    You can also find some split bolt connectors with a wire size range of 2AWG to 500 KCMIL.

    It also depends on split bolt connectors’ size and how many wires you can splice in it.

    As copper split bolt connectors have highly non-corrosive properties, these split bolt connectors also have a size range of 1000 MCM.

    Q 12. Are There Split Bolt Connectors With 4/0 Stranded Wires?

    Yes, you can find several split bolt connectors with 4/0 stranded wires in the market.

    Usually, copper split bolt connectors have this option.

    The wire range varies in these split bolt connectors and can be as low as 250 MCM and high as 1000 MCM.

    They are used in the wire and tap conductors.

    Q 13. How Do I Splice A 6 Gauge Wire?

    Splicing a 6 gauge wire using a Split Bolt Connector

                                                 Figure 14: Splicing a 6 gauge wire using a split bolt connector

    You can splice #6 wire by using a split bolt connector.

    You will also need a sizeable weatherproof junction box for this purpose.

    Then, splice the wire using the split bolt connector and carry the ground through as well.

    Q 14. What Is The Continuous Operating Temperature Of Split Bolt Connectors?

    The continuous operating temperature of a split bolt connector varies and depends on the type and plating of the split bolt connector.

    Generally, we find split bolt connectors with operating temperatures between -55 to 100°C.

    However, most of the split bolt connectors operate at temperatures above 90°C.

    Q 15. How Long Do Split Bolt Connectors Last?

    High-quality Split Bolt Connectors

                                                Figure 15: High-quality split bolt connectors

    High-quality split bolt connectors can last for more than 20 years.

    The durability also depends on the installation process and how well you insulate the split bolt connectors.

    Low-quality split bolt connectors suffer from durability issues and won’t last more than 10 years.

    Q 16. How To Make Spit Bolt Connectors Corrosion-Resistant?

    Corrosion-resistant Split Bolt Connectors

                                              Figure 16: Corrosion-resistant split bolt connectors

    The best way to increase the corrosion-resistant property of the split bolt connector is to use high-quality materials.

    Brass, copper, and aluminum have a higher ability to prevent corrosion.

    That is why many manufacturers use these materials for the manufacturing process.

    Besides, coating the split bolt connector with alloys with corrosion-resistant properties will further protect it from getting corroded easily.

    The plating also gives a smooth surface to the split bolt connector, giving a nice look and increasing its durability.

    Q 17. What Does ‘’DB’’ On Split Bolt Connectors Mean?

    Many split bolt connectors are marked with ‘’DB’’ on the head.

    DB stands for ‘’Dir Bur’’ and means that the split bolt connector is safe for direct burial and grounding.

    These split bolt connectors are also tested and listed according to the UL certifications.

    Q 18. How Do You Insulate A Split Bolt Connector?

    Insulating the split bolt connector is the same as wrapping it to protect the wires.

    You can use several layers of electrical tapes and further use rubber tape to make it secure.

    If you use rubber tape too, only two layers of electrical tape are enough.

    Q 19. What Split Bolts Are Good For Direct Burial?

    Copper Split Bolt Connectors

                                                Figure 17: Copper split bolt connectors

    Copper split bolts mostly find their uses in direct burial.

    They are coated with a copper alloy making them ideal for use with a range of conductors.

    Both ‘S’ and ‘SEL’ series of this type can be used for direct burial, as well as in other applications.

    Q 20. Do Split Bolt Connectors Have A Standard Size?

    No, split bolt connectors don’t have a standard size specifically. They can be in different shapes and sizes.

    Many companies also manufacture split bolts according to customer demands.

    Generally, the sizes of split bolt connectors range from 6 mm2 to 500 mm2.

    If you want larger or smaller sizes, you can get them manufactured as well.

    Q 21. Why Are Chinese Split Bolt Connectors Cheap?

    Chinese manufacturers have an advantage over the labor costs, and they don’t have to pay much for them.

    Besides, all the materials are sourced from the local market, which further cuts the manufacturing costs.

    Therefore, while other countries sell expensive split bolt connectors, Chinese manufacturers sell cheap ones without compromising on the quality.

    Q 22. What Is A Split Bolt Connector For Three Wires?

    Many split bolt connectors are limited to accommodate two wires. However, there are some available that can accommodate three wires as well.

    Mostly, SEL copper split bolt connectors can be used for three wires, and many other electrical applications.

    Q 23. How Do You Use A Split Bolt Connector In A Junction Box?

    Split bolt connectors in a Junction Box

                                                  Figure 24: Split bolt connectors in a junction box

    Split bolt connectors are used in junction boxes when you need to splice two wires or use a single junction box for dual purposes.

    You need to first connect the wires using the split bolt and cover them with tape.

    Using both electrical tape and rubber tape is a better idea to keep it insulated.

    Then, you can install them inside the junction box.

    However, you need to make sure that the split bolt connector is large enough to splice the wires, and the junction box is also large to accommodate them.

    It will help develop a secure connection.

    Q 24. What Is The Installation Process Of A Split Bolt Connector?

    Installing a Split Bolt Connector

                                                Figure 25: Installing a split bolt connector

    Split bolt connectors don’t have any complicated installing manner.

    They are usually known for their simple installation, as you can install them without any tool.

    However, just make sure that the wires are correctly spliced, and the split bolt connector is insulated to keep the connection safe and make a proper circuit.

    Q 25. How To Import Split Bolt Connectors From Rayphen?

    Rayphen exports its split bolt connectors to various countries.

    The process is simple as split bolt connectors aren’t very heavy machinery that requires several workers to deliver them.

    They will also help deliver the split bolt connectors to the location, while you only have to pay the delivery charges.

    As Rayphen offers this facility, it is a better choice to buy from them as it will save you from a lot of hassle and the product will reach the destination safely.

    Q 26. How Are Split Bolt Connectors Packed?

    Split bolt connectors come in different packaging.

    As they are robust and corrosion-free, their packaging is only to keep them in a place.

    The common types of packaging are polybag, plastic wrap, box, etc.

    However, we also provide customized packaging on bulk orders.

    Q 27. What Is The Best Manufacturer Of Split Bolt Connectors In China?

    Rayphen is the best and trusted split bolt manufacturing company in China, with over 14 years of experience.

    The professional team provides superior services and offers high-quality split bolt connectors.

    The company has many certifications and offers all kinds of split bolt connectors, of all sizes and shapes.

    They also export split bolt connectors to different countries, where they have earned an excellent reputation.

    Q 28. How Much Do Split Bolt Connectors Weigh?

    Split bolt connectors are tiny devices.

    The weight of the split bolt connector depends on its size and shape.

    Generally, a single split bolt connector weighs between 0.1 to 0.3 lbs.

    Q 29. What Are The Quality Certifications Of Split Bolt Connectors?

    Split bolt connectors have several quality certifications, and these certifications depend on the manufacturer.

    ISO certification is common, which means that management systems, services, and manufacturing processes are according to the quality standards.

    IEC (International Electrochemical Commission) certification is also standard among all electrical system manufacturers, especially those who manufacture and sell split bolt connectors.

    It means that the quality of materials is based on international standards.

    The certification of the NFC forum program also assures the quality of the split bolt connectors that means the manufacturing process is tested and meets the NFC Forum Device requirements.

    We also offer have other certifications, including cULus, CSA, ESB2, ESB4, DIN, etc.

    Q 30. What Are The Main Dimensions Of Split Bolt Connectors?

    The dimensions of split bolt connectors differ based on their type, size, and shape.

    You can find the chart of main dimensions according to the size of split bolt connectors here.

    Q 31. What Are The Other Names Of Split Bolt Connectors?

    Split Bolt Connectors

                                                Figure 20: Split bolt connectors

    Split bolt connectors have many different names, some of which are listed below:

    • Split bolt clamp
    • Split bolt line tap
    • Split connector clamp
    • Split lug
    • Split bolt ground clamp

    Q 32. How Do Split Bolt Connectors Work?

    Split Bolt Connectors

                                                Figure 21: Split bolt connectors

    Split bolt connectors do not require any unique tool for working.

    You can tighten the bolt with your fingers, and use a simple wrench to tighten the bolt.

    The split connectors work by combining two wires and making a connection between them.

    They are easy to use and cheap, saving a lot of cost on installing new wiring systems.

    Besides, copper split bolt connectors are used in taps and direct burial.

    Q 33. What Is The Role Of Studs In Split Bolt Connectors?

    Many split bolt connector comes with extra studs.

    These split bolt connectors are widely used to ensure a secure connection in taps.

    They are also used with general-purpose fasteners.

    The studs in split bolt connectors also make them suitable for use in metal structures, construction structures, and steel-concrete structures.

    Besides, stud split bolt connectors are used in the construction, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and automotive industries.

    Q 34. Are All Split Bolt Connectors Corrosion-Resistant?

    Corroded split bolt connectors were complicated to remove and damaged the appliances as well.

    Therefore, many corrosion-resistant split bolt connectors are now widely used in the market.

    The most common corrosion-free split bolt connector in the market is that made of high-quality copper alloy.

    Besides, aluminum and brass split bolt connectors also come with corrosion-resistant properties.

    However, we cannot say that all the split bolt connectors are corrosion-resistant.

    Some unreliable manufacturers can also use cheap materials in manufacturing, which can decrease the durability of the split bolt connector.

    Therefore, it is better to buy from a certified manufacturer.

    If the split bolt connector is plated with additional coatings, like tin, it increases the resistance to corrosion.

    Q 35. Differentiate Between A Split Bolt Connector And A Wire Nut?

    Although the split bolt connector and wire nut serve the same purpose, their main difference arises in their shape.

    Split bolts are rigid metal structures in different sizes, while wire nuts are in the form of round caps, which twist over the wires at the bare ends to make a connection.

    Besides, split bolt connectors are made from various materials, including copper, aluminum, bronze, etc., while wire nuts are made entirely of plastic.

    Q 36. What Is The Standard Head Size Of Split Bolt Connectors?

    Split bolt connectors do not have any standard head size due to their different sizes and shapes.

    However, the sizes of round head split bolt connectors range from 16mm2 to 185mm2.

    Q 37. What Is The Purpose Of Anodizing The Nut In Split Bolt Connectors?

    The primary purpose of anodizing the nut in split bolt connectors is to prevent thread galling or seize threads.

    Besides, anodizing the nut of aluminum split bolt connectors prevents galvanic corrosion when they come in contact with a copper conductor.

    Q 38. How Are Split Bolt Connectors Plated?

    Plated Split Bolt Connector

                                               Figure 33: Plated split bolt connector

    Many split bolt connectors are plated with tin and nickel, while you can use many other materials.

    In this process, the surface of split bolt connector is coated with tin through an electric current.

    It is also called electroplating.

    As it is an extremely costly process, we now use several other cheaper methods that provide the same results.

    Q 39. How Do You Install Split Bolt Connectors?

    Split bolt connectors do not require any special tool for installation.

    So, you can use a simple wrench to perform the task.

    The surface of the split bolt connector is also slippery, which allows you to tighten and loosen the nut by hand.

    Besides, you can rotate the threaded body and install it easily.

    Q 40. In Which Industries Are Split Bolt Connectors Used?

    We can use split bolt connectors in various mechanical and electrical sectors, including:

    • Construction
    • Automotive
    • Automobile
    • Railway
    • Oli and gas
    • Manufacturing
    • Security
    • Machinery
    • Railway
    • Telecommunication
    • Marine

    Q 41. What Are The Processes Involved In Manufacturing Split Bolt Connectors?

    Split bolt connectors undergo several processes while manufacturing, some of which include:

    • Forming
    • Heat-treating
    • Threading
    • Tapping
    • Welding
    • Machining
    • Plating
    • Inspection
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