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Rayphen delivers a vast and wide range of low voltage ABC Suspension Clamps for various applications.

Why Rayphen Suspension Clamp For ABC Cable

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Grow Your Business with High-Quality Rayphen Suspension Clamps for ABC Cable

Considering your needs, we provide all kinds of suspension clamps assembly that is available in all sizes. You can get quality suspension clamps for ABC cable at a reasonable price from us.

Rayphen produces different types of Suspension Clamp for AB Cable (Aerial Bundled Cables) according to the needs and requirements of our clients. The most demanding types are  Suspension Clamp which is made of Aluminum Alloy, PA66 Fiberglass, hot dip galvanized steel.

ABC Cable Accessories – ABC Suspension Clamp

Rayphen comes up with a variety of low voltage suspension clamps for aerial bundled cables. Clamp and conductor provide extra protection to the cable and the pole as these are made of polymer and UV resistant glass fiber. The bracket consists of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy as well.

These cable suspension clamps are fixed on the pole or the facade with a pigtail hook or bracket.

Aerial Bundled Cable Accessories – Cable Suspension Clamp for AB Cable

Aerial bundled cables are highly compatible with the Rayphen aerial cable suspension clamp.

The Cable Suspension Clamp for AB Cable is designed to hang LV- ABC overhead line with insulated neutral conductors. There are no losable parts.

Suspension Clamp for ABC Cable

A large number of Rayphen aerial cable accessories are available. It is considered superb for multiple conductors. The insulation function is superb and has the easiest way of installation without any hard efforts.

Rayphen also provides cable suspension clamps without a bracket. ABC Suspension Clamp consists of black weather and UV resistant plastic reinforced polymer while suspension clamp body is corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.

Aerial Cable Accessories – Suspension Clamp

Rayphen Suspension Cable Clamps are specially designed to hang self-supporting LV-ABC lines.

These suspension clamps can also be utilized to hang low voltage ABC lines with a neutral messenger. Rayphen produces suspension cable clamps that are bad weather resistant and make the suspension clamp assembly more convenient.

Aerial Cable Suspension Clamp

The Aerial Cable Suspension Clamp from Rayphen can be used to suspend a low voltage ABC overhead line with exposed and insulated neutral wire.

There is also a feature that this suspension clamp can be installed in a straight line, and the line deflection angle can reach 30°.

Cable Suspension Clamp

Rayphen overhead cable suspension clamp is suitable for the installation and suspension of 2-cores or 4 cores cables.

cable suspension clamp’s body and plastic parts are composed of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and heat-resistant and UV-resistant plastic.

Suspension Clamp

Rayphen Suspension clamps are designed in a way to use for outside installation especially on poles and to protect them from natural disasters. Rayphen suspension clamp’s laying method is not difficult to implement as it can use the present pole line to install that saves money and shortens the construction time.

Rayphen suspension clamps are also made of galvanized steel and such material that is weather and UV-resistant.

More Details about Rayphen Insulation Piercing Connector

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    Let Rayphen Be Your Partner to Grow Your Business

    Do you want to further enhance the relevant market in the field of ABC suspension clamps? Well, Rayphen can be your partner to promote business development.

    Rayphen provides only quality suspension clamps for your applications. Considering your needs, we have high-quality cable accessories for you that fulfill your demands.

    Having advanced manufacturing pieces of equipment, we can produce enough suspension clamps for ABC cable and plastic suspension clamps daily, and they will always be available to you even in the peak season.

    Our product meets the standards of IEC, DIN, NFC, ANSI, and BS. We are reliable for everyone who needs us. Having an expert technical team, we are familiar with the standard specifications of your region.

    To over 200 Clients

    Rayphen suspension clamp for ABC cable has been exported to over 200 clients and installed to overhead ABC line in the world.

    Use High-Quality Material

    Various parts of the ABC suspension clamp are made of different materials. Rayphen always uses the best raw materials and ensures the corrosion resistance of the suspension clamp.

    Having experience of 14+ years

    As an expert Cable Accessories product manufacturer having experience of about 14 years, Rayphen has a large number of ABC cable accessories products for you and your business.

    Quality Investigation

    We also check the quality before delivering the order and provide detailed pictures and videos of each order to provide you quality products.

    Rayphen Suspension Clamp For ABC Cable

    Rayphen is a leading Chinese suspension clamp manufacturer and supplier of different types. There are different cable suspension clamps for different purposes and applications. You can get quality clamps in Rayphen.

    Rayphen ABC suspension clamp is the fitting that is made for suspending or hanging for Aerial Bundled Cables or conductors to the poles while working on electrical or telecommunication location.

    Rayphen Aerial Cable Suspension Clamps are made of :

    • Aluminum Alloy
    • Corrosion-resistant material

    We manufacture different sizes of aerial cable suspension clamps based on the client’s detailed requirements, and you also can find 2 cores or 4 core suspension clamp at Rayphen.

    The suspension clamp for AB cables swings cables at various places, directions, and line angles between 30 to 60 degrees depending upon the requirements and needs of the project.

    Rayphen is also an expert in manufacturing straight and curve cable suspension clamps.

    A linear suspension clamp is for lock up the messenger to the pole safely and securely while a curved suspension clamp is useful for the suspension of copper cables.

    RayphenABC Suspension Clamps features and advantages are:

    • Reliable even in bad weather
    • Fewer chances of damage and loss
    • Reduce the chances of conductor damage
    • Maintain the mechanical loads
    • Lessen the chances of strand failure
    • Resistant to Ultra violets, corrosion, and short circuits
    • Simple to install without heavy tools

    Suspension clamps for ABC developed by Rayphen are a regular product that is for fixing wires to insulators strings of straight-line towers, and for fixing tension jumpers.

    Besides suspension clamp for AB cables, we also develop and provide ADSS suspension clamps, AGS suspension clamps, Strain Clamp, Vibration Dampers, Spacer Dampers, Cable Cleats, Mid Span Joint, Compression Dead End, and Repair sleeves to our clients. Our all products are top-rated.

    If you are in need of the best-quality ABC suspension clamps, Rayphen will be the best. Let us know about your concern related to this product. We are 24/7 available for you.

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