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Rayphen Suspension Insulator Suitable For

  • Suspension Insulator for South Africa Eskom
  • Suspension Insulator for Vietnam EVN
  • Suspension Insulator for Bangladesh DESCO
  • Suspension Insulator for Zambia ZESCO

The Finest Polymer Suspension Insulator for Flourishing Your Business

At Rayphen, the premier suspension type insulator is made with booming features and fine manufacturing material. All the composite suspension insulators have electrical and mechanical stability that ensures excellent performance. With every quality assurance test, the Rayphen products are made safe and reliable for different applications. There are various types of suspension insulators transmission lines for clients globally with modern designs. Check out our products below!

11kV Polymer Insulator

Made with perfect materials, the Rayphen 11kV polymer insulator has an insulation unit made of fine quality polymers made with precision. The flanges of these Rayphen 11kV polymer suspension insulators have anti-corrosive alloy material making the product electrically efficient. With all the quality assured protocols, we made this 11kV polymer insulator type with cheap and low maintenance properties as well as it requires very basic standard tools for installation. Rayphen suspension type insulators are worked under different environmental conditions and are not brittle at all. Being lightweight, this Rayphen suspension disk insulator is easy to transport and carry out for transmission line uses. It has 35 fold the physical toughness of high-strength porcelain insulators. The 3-layer silicone rubber insulating umbrella skirt resists pollution and does not fracture, discolor, or shed glazed like other typical porcelain insulators. You can custom order our 11kV polymer disk insulator within your budget range as we offer reasonable prices. Contact for placing your orders.

33kV Long rod Composite Suspension Insulator

Specifically used for transmission and power distribution lines, Rayphen 33kV polymer Suspension insulators are highly compatible with conductors of various brands. Your business needs these suspension type insulators for meeting customers’ demand for perfect current insulations at several sites. Rayphen suspension insulator transmission lines are highly shock resistant and keep the moisture away from their surface as they have anti-rust and water-repelling in-built features. If you are asking if 33kV Composite Suspension insulators are anti-bending, then these products are perfect for you as they do not bend in extreme circumstances. Being electrically, mechanically, and physically strong, Rayphen long rod composite insulators are exceptional under environmental conditions without hindering their functionality. Rayphen has produced these products with a double sealing design as our R&D team put the effort into making them suitable for your business. For further information about the 33kV polymer suspension insulators, visit our website.

More Details about Rayphen Polymer Insulator

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    Suspension Insulator

    Let Rayphen Suspension Type Insulators Assist in Your Business Progress

    If you want to take your business a step ahead of your position, landing on this page is your first step towards your success.

    As a polymer insulator manufacturer, Rayphen is among the leading polymer suspension insulator companies making prime quality composite suspension insulators with amazing features.

    Rayphen suspension insulator is an electronic appliance comprised of polymers insulating portion and metal fittings.

    The polymeric material is used to construct the insulating unit. Silicone natural rubber is used to make the insulating ribbed mold.

    Flanges of the Rayphen composite long rod insulators are comprised of an anti-rust metal alloy, maintaining acceptable long-term performance in a wide range of climates.

    Rayphen’s suspension disk insulator is ideal for transmission line systems since it is robust, fast and easy to implement, and cheap to maintain.

    With the experience of 14 plus years, the suspension insulations we manufacture and supply matches the specification of your requirement as we have expertise in the electrical product manufacturing industry.

    Our Rayphen steel forged 11kV polymer disk insulators have been double sealed for ensuring a long-term impact.

    Rayphen suspension insulator transmission lines are not fragile, and they are also incredibly cost-effective because no spare components are required.

    Superb anti-wobble, torsional strength, damage tolerance, shock resistance, plus enhanced explosion-proof abilities are all features of composite pin insulators. Its interior insulation is strong, light, and simple to install. It’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional ceramic insulators.

    Rayphen uses the highest grade raw resources for every polymer type insulator to provide optimal quality in silicone insulators.

    All of the varieties have anti-bending and anti-fouling properties making them worth buying and highly market competitive.

    We have gathered all the information at our website regarding polymer suspension insulators where you can contact us anytime for queries and quotations.

    Sells to 200 Clients Globally

    Rayphen supplies the best quality suspension type insulator to over 200 customers internationally with quite excellent remarks and reputation.

    Best Manufacturing Raw Material

    All our composite polymer insulators were produced from very fine raw material at Rayphen as it directly affects the functioning.

    Experience of 14 Years

    Rayphen has huge experience of over 14 years in suspension insulator manufacturing and supplying with quality and trust to all worthy customers over the years.

    Quality Control Compliance

    The Rayphen 11kV polymer suspension insulator was put through a series of quality assurance tests to ensure that it was completely safe and efficient.

    Rayphen Suspension Insulator

    Talking about the suspension insulators Rayphen produces, there is no doubt in the fact that we do not compromise on the quality and features of our products.

    Our polymer suspension insulators are top-selling as we did justice in making these reliable products at every step.

    Here are the characteristics and Rayphen special features that you will find in all our suspension type insulators:

    • Simple to keep up with.
    • When installed in approved pollution regions, there is no need to wash the insulator during its full operational life.
    • It really is a lightweight insulator having 3-5 times less weight than its competitors.
    • Anti-pollution structure and hydrophobic qualities
    • Shock resistance is quite high.
    • Moisture-discharge properties and seismic properties
    • High torsion and flexure resistance
    • Design that is resistant to vandalism

    Apart from these qualities, Rayphen offers customized dimensions as we know every client has its own specialty, and here at our place, we want to satisfy our customer’s demands.

    Therefore, you cannot only get our standard good quality suspension disk insulators but also customized products of your liking that fit best for your business.

    Speaking specifically about 11kV polymer disk insulators from Rayphen, they are excellent steel forged insulators with anti-bend and anti-pollution activity.

    Along with this, Rayphen is offering 33kV polymer disk suspension insulators that serve the purpose of insulation at substations and transmission line applications with far more precision than other items.

    They are made under IEC61952, IEC61109, and ANSI C29.13-2000 standards with care and control.

    As far as the pricing is concerned, you do not have to be so much worried about this as the company knows all the rules and regulations hence, provides you with a fine composite suspension insulator within the market competitive price range.

    There will be no distinction and compromise on the quality of Rayphen suspension type insulators whether you bulk order or ask for a single piece.

    Every customer is equally welcomed at Rayphen for sincere and fair dealing of composite long rod insulators at any cost.

    Once you have ordered your appropriate 11kV polymer disk insulator, feel free of its shipment difficulties as we will sort out everything perfectly.

    Your product will be at your doorstep within the time specified for your suspension insulator order through Rayphen.

    All Rayphen suspension disk insulators are made with care and under advanced technology that ensures product quality as we claim to our customers.

    Our professional team of workers takes full responsibility for the 33kV polymer disk insulators you order from choosing their raw material to the delivery step.

    Various quality checks are done before you get your polymer suspension insulator in your hands.

    Rayphen is open to suggestions and feedback along with support from our clients and we try to build healthy relations likewise.

    Contact us for all necessary information about the suspension insulator and place your order NOW!


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