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Boost Up Your Business with Rayphen Tension Clamp

Talk about wire tension clamp, we supply the top-notch tension clamp globally. Here are the products we offer.

JNS 4-Core Collecting Tension Clamp

The JNS 4-core collecting tension clamp for overhead lines is composed of HDG steel and weather-resistant material. The feature is self-support and with four cores.

Rayphen cable tension clamp is one of the essential LV ABC accessories. You can insert conductors effortlessly. Please feel free to contact Rayphen sales to get the tension clamp you want.

Cable Tension Clamp

Based on applications, the tension clamp is ideal for aerial insulation lines ending up to 1kV. Rayphen multi-core collecting tension clamp fixes the insulation of the conductor with precision.

Such tension clamp for an overhead line is aluminum made having the ability to carry multicore cables from 2-4 cores. How about your tension clamp specifications?

NXL Wedge Tension Clamp

As a professional tension clamp Manufacturer, Rayphen NXL wedge tension clamp for overhead lines is aluminum made, weather-resistant, and corrosion proof.

This cable tension clamp is suitable for the termination of 1kV and 10kV voltage. It is highly reliable for use with aerial insulating core lines. Its plastic wedge provides excellent tensioning. If you have special requirements, Just contact us.

Preformed Tension Clamp

Rayphen comes up with the best preformed tension clamp for overhead lines. Effectively transfer the longitudinal compression force to the tension of the optical cable, avoiding the cable outer sheath from being strained by excessive force.

This cable tension clamp provides a strong grip and easy to operate. You can use our products at an affordable price.

ADSS 200m Span Tension Clamp

Tension clamp for ADSS cables performs reliable clamping action and suitable for ADSS fiber optical cables. The particular Rayphen tension clamp has an easy installation and comes in different span measurements. You can get them custom made according to your own choice.

OPGW Tension Clamp

Rayphen OPGW tension clamp  for overhead lines fits perfectly with optical wires for grounding purposes. This wire tension clamp is temperature tolerant and provides safe grounding of the conductor wires.

The OPGW tension clamp is compatible with ultra-thin fiber optical cables and performs its function brilliantly. Please try to contact Rayphen to get a favorable price for your tension clamp project.

More Details about Rayphen Tension Clamp

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    Let Rayphen Be Your Companion to Level Up Your Business

    Do you want to take your business to a higher level? Are you really trying to reach the top of the market? Well, Rayphen can be your ultimate partner in boosting your business.

    We believe in supplying the best quality tension clamp made very carefully through special hot dip galvanized technology. Under this technology, you will get products that have smooth and shiny surfaces without any metallic bumps.

    Rayphen tension clamps for overhead lines are 100% made and checked according to the quality control standards. Our NXL series does a wonderful job as an overhead electrical fitting. It is highly compatible with aerial insulating core lines and performs exceptionally well for voltage up to 10kV.

    JNS 4-core collecting tension clamp is a multicore conducting tension clamp and perfect for low voltage applications. Every Rayphen tension clamp serves the purpose of not only holding the conducting wires but also provide tensioning and dead-ending at the terminals.

    Sells to 200 International Clients

    Rayphen sells cable tension clamp to over 200 clients locally and on an international level. All the products are 100% reliable.

    Best Raw Material

    Rayphen believes in using the best raw material for all their tension clamps and ensures to manufacture through hot dip galvanized technology.

    Experience of 14 Years

    It is evident from the fine finishing of tension clamps by Rayphen that they have a vast experience of 14+ years.

    Quality Control Compliance

    The tension clamp at Rayphen has full quality control compliance according to the international standard values.

    Rayphen Tension Clamp

    Tension clamp for overhead lines is among the most used electrical clamp in any electrical set up throughout the world. It means they are important and their manufacturing should be of good quality.

    Rayphen believes in manufacturing tension clamp that actually gives multiple benefits. Through hot dip galvanization, every preformed tension clamp and cable tension clamp gets a smooth finish.

    The wedge tension clamp for overhead lines is highly useful for high voltage lines and performs the clamping action through their plastic wedge while the body is of aluminum.

    Multi-core tension clamps by Rayphen are excellent in low voltage connections and overhead lines. They carry 2-4 cores at a time with complete reliability.

    Rayphen offers OPGW tension clamps for optical ground wiring of your delicate optical fibers. Such clamps are carefully manufactured to meet the delicacy of the fiber optical cables.

    Also, the tension clamp for ADSS cables serves its purpose brilliantly by providing necessary clamping and tensioning to not only the terminal parts but also provide clamping to the twisted sections of the ADSS cables.

    Do you want to get a wire tension clamp for hanging cables? Not a problem with Rayphen. We provide the best quality 200m span ADSS cable tension clamp at a very affordable price.

    With our 14 years of tension clamp manufacturing experience, we always make sure the packaging is done right and all the steps meet the quality control standards.

    Here, at Rayphen you will ask for customization. You can order any type of tension clamp according to your dimensions and demands. The rest is our responsibility as we deliver the best product to our clients.

    Along with cable tension clamp for overhead line, we also deliver strain clamps, dead end clamps, anchoring clamps, preformed tension clamps, etc.

    We believe you as our partner in success and we really want you to join hands with us as you will get the top-notch pole line hardware, overhead electrical fittings, tension clamps, and many more electrical accessories.

    You can contact us through our 24/7 customer care service or directly through our website. Rayphen will be happy to serve you all and answer your questions related to tension clamps.

    Visit our website and happy ordering with Rayphen!

    Tension Clamp FAQs—The Ultimate Guide

    Overhead electrical fitting is something that you see daily on aerial lines when you go outside and move across your street. One of these easily seen fittings is a tension clamp. A tension clamp is small electrical hardware used for clamping different wires.

    You do not need to worry if you do not know anything about tension clamps. Here, in this guide, we will answer all the questions you have in mind regarding tension clamp. The guide includes its definition, functions, installation, features, and much more.

    Let’s move to the FAQ guide very straight now!

    Q1. What is Tension Clamp?

    A tension clamp is overhead fitting hardware that terminates the conductors.

    It gives electrical and mechanical connections to insulators wrapping the conductors.

    Tension Clamp                                                                Figure 1 Tension Clamp

    Such clamps provide linear connections as well as twisted connections to the conductors.

    They are suitable for different types of conductors, including ACSR, ACAR, AAAC, and AAC conductors.

    It can also be used to accompany copper conductors to some extent.

    Tension clamps have different types based on various properties.

    Such clamps come in different shapes, sizes and forms.

    You can also get customized tension clamps by Rayphen.

    Q2. What is the Use of Strain Tension Clamp?

    Well, as you know, what exactly is a tension clamp.

    Strain tension clamp has wide applications in the telecommunications and electrical industries.

    Let us tell you how they are being employed in big industries.

    It has the following uses.

    • Mechanical Connections

    Without any doubt, the strain tension clamp provides a basic connection to conductors at terminals and along the overhead line.

    They offer reliable connections to cables whether having longitudinal tension or the maximum strain for working.

    These Rayphen tension clamps give connection by secure clamping action through their perfect designs.

    • Protection of Conductors

    Strain tension clamp not only provides connections to the conductors but also protects them.

    Such clamps offer protection during installation and after installation too.

    • Restriction of Movement of the Conductor

    With maximum holding grip, strain tension clamp restricts the movement of the conductor.

    It keeps the conductor fixed at one point and does not loosen them even for a bit.

    Due to strong winds and rainstorms, electrical line fittings displace their positions.

    This directly affects the working efficiency of the entire aerial line.

    To control this situation, a strain tension clamp comes to the rescue.

    The limited conductor movement by the Rayphen strain tension clamp ensures a smooth and steady flow of electric current.

    Q3. What Are the Distinguishing Features of Tension Clamp?

    There are so many types of tension clamps.

    It means the tension clamp has multiple distinguishing key features. These are:

    • Quick Installation

    The tension clamp is very easy to install.

    You only need a few simple tools for its installation.

    • Versatile Designs

    The designs of all types of tension clamps are unique and highly interactive with the conductors.

    The versatility in designs makes the tension clamp highly reliable to use with different conductors.

    You can have different diameters according to the diameter of the cables.

    • Waterproof

    The tension clamp is waterproof.

    It resists water and humidity in the environment.

    That is how it gives a corrosion-free finish with the conductors.

    • Mechanical Toughness

    The Rayphen tension clamp is strong mechanically as well as electrically.

    Such clamps have a stronger grip on the conductor.

    • Quality Raw Material

    The tension clamp at Rayphen is made from genuine raw materials.

    Hot dip galvanized technology also does wonders with the finishing of the final product.

    It makes the tension clamp corrosion-proof and gives it a smooth shiny look.

    Q4. What are Various Types of Tension Clamps?

    Tension clamp has so many varieties.

    There is a tension clamp for hydraulic applications but we will stick to the tension clamp types related to electrical connections.

    The various types of tension clamp on the basis of designs and some other characteristics are:

    • Compression/Hydraulic Tension Clamp

    The Rayphen compression tension clamp is highly suitable where you need to put a lot of compression force on the conductors.

    Compression Tension Clamp                                                                 Figure 2 Compression Tension Clamp

    It performs its function brilliantly by keeping the conductor fixed to a point.

    Compression tension clamp has different working load values and is operated for different values of amperage.

    The design of this type of tension clamp enables it to interact perfectly with the conductor surface holding maximum tension.

    It changes the tension into clamping compressive load through its wedge.

    • Wedge Tension Clamp

    The wedge-shaped tension clamp is widely used for its excellent working efficiency.

    Rayphen wedge tension clamp emphasizes extraordinary clamping to the cables, both insulated and non-insulated.

    Wedge Tension Clamp                                                                   Figure 3 Wedge Tension Clamp

    Such clamps tend to provide maximum protection and make sure the anchoring is done accurately with the conductors.

    The body is aluminum hot dip galvanized while the rod is made of stainless steel.

    You can see wedge tension clamps on distribution lines and overhead connections.

    • Bolted Strain Tension Clamp

    They are also named quadrant strain tension clamps.

    As the name indicates, bolted clamps are accompanied by 2-4 bolts that require tightening.

    The tightening torque value of the Rayphen bolted tension clamp is mentioned in the fitting.

    It serves the purpose of providing adequate tension, holding the conductors, and restricting their movement in a strong wind environment.

    Bolted Strain Tension Clamp                                                           Figure 4 Bolted Strain Tension Clamp

    The bolted strain tension clamp gives a smooth corrosion-free finish to the conductor connection.

    That is why they are an important part of large-scale industrial projects.

    • Cone Tension Clamp

    A cone tension clamp is nothing different from a wedge tension clamp in function and mechanism.

    It only differs in the fact that it has a cone instead of a wedge part.

    In the Rayphen cone tension clamp, the clamping is performed by the cone.

    Whereas, in the wedge tension clamp, the wedge performs the clamping mechanism.

    The overall features and characteristics of a cone tension clamp are similar to other types of tension clamps.

    • Dead End Tension Clamp

    Dead end tension clamps are quite famous and you have frequently seen them operating on aerial lines, distribution lines, and utility poles.

    Such a tension clamp provides a dead ending to the terminals of the conduction making the termination easy and reliable.

    Dead End Tension Clamp                                                                   Figure 5 Dead End Tension Clamp

    They are easy to install and have weather-resistant properties.

    The Rayphen dead end tension clamp is compact in structure and its assembly parts are very efficient.

    • High-Temperature Tension Clamp

    The Rayphen tension clamps designated to work in warmer environments or that can bear high-temperature values are known as high-temperature tension clamps.

    High temperature tolerating tension clamps can be of different types, including dead end, cone, bolted, compression tension clamp, etc.

    The design of a high-temperature bearing tension clamp is not different from the rest of the tension clamp types.

    The basic functioning and construction of high-temperature tension clamps are the same as other clamps.

    Tension clamps have two types depending upon the function. These two types are:

    • Tensioning Clamp

    This particular tension clamp type tolerates the stress or tension of the cables and conductors.

    The grip strength of tensioning clamp is quite high.

    The value of grip strength equals 90% of the conductor’s resistance.

    • Tensile Clamp

    Tensile clamp at a time displays two functions.

    It absorbs the pull from the conductor and also performs as a conductor itself.

    You need to install such Rayphen tension clamp with complete care when they are used as conductors.

    Q5. Which Materials are Used for Tension Clamp Manufacturing?

    The tension clamp is made with high-quality raw material and under the hot-dip galvanized technology to make the clamps corrosion-free.

    Hot-dip galvanization also makes the surface of tension clamps smooth and prevents the bumping of metals used for their production.

    Here, let us tell you the materials used for making different types of tension clamps.

    • Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy

    The commonly used manufacturing material for tension clamps is aluminum and its alloys.

    Aluminum provides enough ductility and hardness to the final product that makes the tension clamp easy to fit and use.

    It has a low melting point means you can make different shapes out of it.

    Therefore, most of the time the aluminum alloys are employed in the manufacturing process.

    They have small quantities of other heavy metals such as iron that provide elasticity and hardness to the tension clamp.

    Hence, aluminum and its alloys are referable for making different types of tension clamps.

    You can ask for any aluminum tension clamp type quite easily at Rayphen.

    Rayphen aluminum alloy tension clamp is perfect for conductors such as ACSR, AAAC, and AAC.

    • Malleable Iron

    Malleable or molding iron is the second favorite when comes to tension clamp manufacturing.

    It has an excellent casting property and you can convert it into different designs.

    The assembly parts of the tension clamp made from malleable iron perform equally well as the aluminum parts.

    Cast iron tension clamps come in different sizes.

    • Fiberglass

    Some of the tension clamps also contain fiberglass parts.

    They are thermostable and provide shear resistance against weather conditions.

    Fiberglass tension clamp is applicable to light in weight conductors.

    They are also protective against the ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun.

    • Mild Steel

    The strong impact of mild steel is very high and it is a highly malleable material.

    A tension clamp of mild steel or stainless steel is also available.

    They are suitable for different types of conductors.

    The clamping rods of various tension clamps are made of stainless steel as it is lightweight and anchors very efficiently.

    Q6. What is the Function of Strain Tension Clamp?

    Strain tension clamp is one of the most widely used tension clamps.

    It offers different functions such as:

    • The strain tension clamp puts an adequate strain on the conductor and perfectly balances the conductor’s tension.
    • It protects the conductors.
    • It restricts the movement of the conductor.
    • Strain tension clamp holds and secures the conductor.
    • It provides tension at the termination.

    Q7. Can You Use Tension Clamp for Hanging Wires?

    Yes, you can use a Rayphen tension clamp for hanging wires.

    These clamps come into use for ADSS hanging cables.

    The tension clamp for hanging cables has an aluminum body with aluminum assembly parts.

    These tension clamps are seen at distribution aerial lines.

    You can also see them supporting ADSS cables overhead lines.

    Tension Clamp for Hanging Wires                                                      Figure 6 Tension Clamp for Hanging Wires

    Q8. What are the Benefits Your Get by Using Tension Clamp?

    Tension clamps have so many types.

    It means tension clamp is a source of many benefits.

    The advantages of using a tension clamp are as follows.

    • Most of the tension clamps are very compact structures, so they fit in easily with different environments.
    • All of the tension clamp types are weather-resistant and water-repelling making sure no rust or corrosion appears.
    • Each one of them has a unique design hence, diversifying their applications to different conductors and lines.
    • The tension clamp is compatible with AAAC, AAC, ACAR, ACSR, and copper conductors.
    • You can also use them for hanging wires and cables.
    • Such clamps make an excellent option as conductors themselves in certain circumstances, such as tensile clamps.
    • Their installation is easy therefore, they reduce the cost of installation.
    • Some tension clamps have bailed. These bails ensure extra protection and safety of the conductor.
    • They fix the conductor in one place and limit their movement making secure connections.
    • Tension clamps are available in different sizes hence, you can get them according to your demand.

    Q9. Can You Use Tension Clamp for Earth Wires?

    Earth Wire Tension Clamp                                                             Figure 7 Earth Wire Tension Clamp

    Yes, you can use a tension clamp for earth wires.

    Rayphen tension clamp is excellent to apply for earth cables.

    The earth wires are used to make the current neutral that goes to the ground.

    Whenever a large electrical setup is made, earthing is done for evident purposes.

    To make human life safe and to protect the livestock, it is important to neutralize the current and earth wiring to the ground.

    A tension clamp serves the purpose greatly in this regard and is safe to use for earth wires.

    Q10. How to Choose Accurate Tension Clamp to Buy?

    Well, there are certain things you can check and compare before choosing the right tension clamp.

    • Check the appropriate design of the tension clamp.
    • Check if it is waterproof.
    • Compare the size of the tension clamp with that of your conductor.
    • Ensure it is made of high-quality manufacturing material.
    • Ensure it is compatible with different types of conductors easily.

    Q11. Is ADSS 200m Span Tension Clamp Reliable to Use?

    Yes, you can use a tension clamp for ADSS cables.

    The ADSS tension clamps can have a different span.

    It can be less or higher than 200m.

    But whatever the span is, Rayphen tension clamps are safe and reliable to use for ADSS cables.

    It gives protection to the fiber optical cables, takes the load of the aerial cables, and also plays a role in extending the longevity of ADSS cables.

    You can use them on overhead lines for attaching cables t the power towers and poles.

    ADSS tension clamp is quite convenient to install.

    Rayphen tension clamp for ADSS cables has an aluminum alloy body with hot-dip galvanized technology.

    ADSS 200m Span Tension Clamp                                                         Figure 8 ADSS 200m Span Tension Clamp

    It gives corrosion-free service and has good mechanical and electrical strength.

    You can ask for specifications according to your need.

    It means you can get different ADSS tension clamp based on different voltages and spans.

    Q12. Can You Buy a Waterproof Tension Clamp?

    Yes, fortunately, you can purchase a waterproof tension clamp at affordable prices at Rayphen.

    It is the demand of any electrical setup to be fully waterproof.

    This is because, in an environment that is exposed to water, humidity or water of any sort could be dangerous for the electrical connections.

    It can cause damage at a large scale and is risky to human lives as well as livestock.

    A simple small spark can lead to fire and explosion.

    To avoid all this, you need an electrical fitting that is water-repelling.

    So is the case with tension clamp.

    Using a waterproof tension clamp of good quality is not only economical but also safe to use.

    It stops the sparking and also stops the flow of eddy current due to losing connections.

    Q13. Which Conductors are Suitable to Attach with Dead End Tension Clamp?

    The tension clamp is compatible with different conductors and cables.

    It is suitable for all aluminum conductors including AAC and AAAC.

    A tension clamp is also used for aluminum conductor steel reinforced cables (ACSR).

    You can also use a tension clamp for aluminum concentric lay-stranded conductors (ACAR).

    Rayphen tension clamps are suitable for copper conductors as well.

    Meanwhile, the current-voltage is also not a thing to worry about using a tension clamp for conductors.

    You can attach a tension clamp with any of the above conductors carrying low, medium, or high voltage.

    Q14. Why Use Aerial Insulation ABC Cable Tension Clamp?

    Aerial insulted ABC cables are very commonly seen on aerial lines, telecommunication lines, utility poles, and other overhead lines.

    Aerial Insulation ABC Cables Tension Clamp                                             Figure 9 Tension Clamp for Aerial Insulation ABC Cable

    Using a tension clamp with aerial insulated ABC cables is 100% safe and the tension clamps provide an excellent dead ending to the aerial cables.

    Rayphen tension clamps are compatible with aerial insulated ABC cables because of their unique designs, features, and aluminum body.

    It provides maximum holding security and offers rust-free property to the cables and conductors.

    Q15. Can You Use Tension Clamp for Overhead Lines?

    Yes, you can use a tension clamp for overhead lines reliably.

    There are different kinds of tension clamps that you can choose from to use with overhead lines.

    Overhead lines include aerial cables, ABC insulated cables, distribution lines, telecommunication lines, and power transmission stations.

    For overhead connections, a corrosion-proof and weather-resistant tension clamp is ideal.

    Such clamps give maximum mechanical grip to the conductors and make them fixed to their designated positions.

    Q16. How to Differentiate Between a Tension Clamp and a Preformed Tension Clamp?

    What do you think of tension clamp and preformed tension clamp?

    You are thinking they both are the same?

    Well, not exactly.

    They both are tension clamps but their design and construction are quite distinguishing from each other.

    A preformed dead end grip is also another name of a preformed tension clamp.

    It is steel made whereas tension clamp is aluminum made mostly.

    A preformed tension clamp is a spring-like wire twisted to form a loop kind of structure.

    It gets wrapped up in the wires and cables and holds them.

    Preformed Tension Clamp

    Figure 10 Preformed Tension Clamp

    Q17. Is Fireproof Tension Clamp Available to Buy?

    Yes, you can purchase a fireproof tension clamp from different sources.

    Purchasing a fireproof tension clamp is always good.

    It prevents the whole electrical network to catch fire in unfortunate circumstances.

    These fireproof tension clamps are also waterproof and weather resistant.

    The fireproof property of tension clamp is for types of a tension clamp.

    You can ask for any tension clamp such as wedge tension clamps that work best with aluminum conductors.

    Q18. How Can You Determine the Force of Interaction Between Strain Tension Clamp and Conductor?

    The interactive forces between the tension clamp and the surface of conductors are determined by the design of the tension clamp.

    As you know, there are many tension clamp types.

    Each has a specific design from the other.

    It means each one of them has a different physical interaction with the conductor surface.

    The more efficient the design of the tension clamp, the stronger is the physical interaction with the conductors and cable surfaces.

    Compression tension clamp, strain tension clamp, and wedge tension clamp are among the best interacting tension clamps with any conductor.

    They are available in various sizes and forms based on applications.

    Q19. What is the Benefit of Using a 4 Core Collecting Tension Clamp?

    Rayphen JNS 4 core collecting tension clamp is perfect for aerial insulation cables.

    Such a tension clamp can bear a current load up to 1kV.

    4-Core Collecting Tension Clamp

     Figure 11 4-Core Collecting Tension Clamp

    Multicore tension clamps come with hook fixing.

    They are able to terminate 2-4 core cables easily.

    It not only fixes the conductor but also tightens the conductor’s insulation layer.

    Through standard hooks, 4 core collecting tension clamp provides tension to 4 core aerial cables overhead line.

    The overhead line tension clamp comes with shear nuts for easy tightening.

    It has an easy and quick installation without any tools.

    It is generally recommended for low voltages.

    The assembly parts of such a tension clamp are weather resistant and resistant to water.

    Their installation does not damage the insulation of the cables.

    These tension clamps can be useful with 2-4 conductors.

    Multicore tension clamp provides self-supporting anchoring and tensioning to the conductors of various kinds including ACSR and AAC conductors.

    Q20. Is Using a Tension Clamp for OPGW Safe?

    Tension Clamp for OPGW                                                    Figure 12 Tension Clamp for OPGW

    Yes, using a tension clamp for OPGW is completely safe.

    Optical ground wiring requires genuine tension clamps that are fully compatible with the optical fibers.

    A tension clamp for OPGW is undoubtedly a reliable way of earthing the optical cables.

    These clamps perform with great efficiency and hold optical fiber cables.

    Rayphen tension clamp for OPGW is easy to mount and makes ensures the safety of the conductors.

    Q21. How Easy Can You Get Best Price Tension Clamp Price?

    The best strain tension clamps having a U-bolt have a price range of $2.90—$9.90.

    The low voltage wedge tension clamps have a price range of $0.50—$0.70.

    Whereas, aluminum insulation dead end tension clamp is in the price range of $1.45—$1.70.

    The prices of the tension clamp vary with the raw materials used.

    It also depends on the type of tension clamp and the manufacturers too.

    Q22. How to Accurately Determine the Breaking Load of Tension Clamp?

    If you are dealing with electrical clamps and conductors, breaking load is a must known thing to you.

    If you do not know, we will tell you how to determine the breaking load for your tension clamp.

    It is the measure of the maximum pressure that you should apply so that the tension clamp cannot break.

    If you apply any pressure beyond its breaking load value, the tension clamp will break.

    Resultantly, it will damage the conductor too.

    The tension clamps come with designated breaking load values from reliable manufacturers like Rayphen.

    Q23. What is the Effect of Increasing Surface Area of Tension Clamp at High Temperatures?

    In case of a power increase, the temperature of the conductor also increases.

    High temperature tolerating cables or conductors are employed in such places and so is the tension clamp.

    These conductors can bear a temperature as high as 235°C.

    The tension clamp attached to the conductor at high temperature must bear this heating without getting affected.

    It means you should use a tension clamp of greater surface area and mass.

    So that there is a decrease in thermal loss level and the current flows continuously.

    Q24. Can You Purchase a Customized Tension Clamp?

    Yes, Rayphen tension clamps can be customized.

    You can order your favorite product according to your demands.

    Customized tension clamps can have different designs and dimensions.

    These clamps are also made of high-quality aluminum and alloy.

    They are compatible with the conductors and you can bulk order them for a greater experience.

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