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Why Rayphen Transmission Line Hardware

  • Transmission Line Hardware for Vietnam EVN
  • Transmission Line Hardware for Pakistan Nepra
  • Transmission Line Hardware for South Africa Eskom
  • Transmission Line Hardware for Sri Lanka CEB
  • Transmission Line Hardware for PT PLN
  • Transmission Line Hardware for Philippines NGCP

Best Quality Transmission Line Hardware for Taking Your Business to to the Next Level

With various types and unique characters, Rayphen is offering a huge range of transmission line accessories. These overhead line accessories offer durability as well as long-lasting effect. Check them out!

Strain Clamp

Based on applications, Rayphen strain clamps are the best transmission line hardware you can ask for. NLL clamps bolted strain clamps, NLD malleable clamps by Rayphen are suitable for voltage up to 35kV or above. For your dimension specification, contact us through our website.

Suspension Clamp

With quick and safe installation, Rayphen suspension clamps are the best hardware fittings for transmission lines. Such overhead line hardware is made with advanced technology for suspension clamping of transmission line conductors. connect with us for more details.

Vibration Dampers

Rayphen vibration dampers absorb the wind vibration of suitable conductors. being compatible with various overhead cables, these overhead power line accessories perform brilliantly in all conditions. Rayphen Stockbridge vibration damper is available in several designs. You can send us your queries regarding Rayphen vibration dampers.

Spacer Dampers

These aluminum Rayphen spacer dampers work best as transmission line accessories for damping the vibrations caused by winds and other factors. Also, they keep the conductors at a fair distance to avoid collapsing and tilting. Various sizes are offered in twin spacer dampers, triple spacer dampers, quadruple spacer dampers, etc. at Rayphen. Ask for more information.

Cable Cleats

Rayphen cable cleats are perfect for providing resistance to electromagnetic fields and forces. They with their unique characters are quite compatible with transmission line conductors. Rayphen is providing cable cleats as the best overhead line hardware manufacturers at affordable prices. Ask for our recommendation and amazing deals.

Mid Joint Span

Various series of mid span joint are available at Rayphen having distinct features. They are perfect for joining two cable conductors of overhead lines. All the mid span joint assembly parts are aluminum alloy made and some are galvanized steel parts. You have to contact us for your specifications as per your application.

Compression Dead End

Exclusively made for ACSR conductors, Rayphen compression dead-end provide excellent compression through their steel components. These transmission line accessories require fewer installation tools for the installation procedure. Our compression dead-end is quality complaint with national standards and give maximum results. You can ping us for various sizes and models of Rayphen compression dead-ends.

Repair Sleeve

Rayphen repair sleeves restore 99.5% of the damaged transmission line conductors when the damage is 1/3rd of the actual size. For this particular application, Rayphen transmission line hardware fittings like repair sleeves are perfect as they match with all cables. For pricing and more details, contact us now.

More Details about Rayphen Transmission Line Hardware

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    Allow Rayphen to Be Your Partner as Overhead Line Hardware Manufacturers

    If you are looking for various choices in transmission line hardware fittings then don’t worry. You have come to the right place. You get all the products at Rayphen.

    All the Rayphen overhead line accessories are made with fine quality raw material which gives the final product smoothness and burr-free appearance.

    Rayphen overhead power line accessories are designed especially for overhead applications with various conductors and equipment.

    We, as overhead line hardware manufacturers, delivers transmission line accessories that give maximum output whereas their production time is minimum.

    Visit our website to have a variety of hardware fittings for transmission lines containing the best features.


    Sells to 200 International Clients

    Rayphen has highly good remarks and repute all over the world since Rayphen supplies overhead line accessories to over 200 clients internationally.

    Top Raw Material usage

    All transmission line hardware is made with high-quality raw material at Rayphen as it directly affects the functioning of products.

    Qualified and Expert

    Rayphen is highly experienced (more than 14 years) in transmission line accessories supplying and manufacturing to various clients.

    Quality Control Compliance

    Rayphen 220kV transmission line hardware fittings went through various quality control tests for complete security.

    Rayphen Transmission Line Hardware

    If you are looking for the best-rated overhead power line accessories, you are at the perfect place.

    Rayphen is offering various models, designs, and sizes of transmission line hardware fittings including, strain clamp, suspension clamp, vibration dampers, spacer dampers, cable cleats, mid span joints, compression dead end, and repair sleeve.

    All varieties of Rayphen overhead line hardware are distinct from each other in terms of applications, features, and designs.

    Various models of all the featured products by Rayphen are available and the catalog is provided upon request of our clients.

    The installation steps of these Rayphen hardware fittings for transmission lines are fast, reliable, and need fewer tools for the entire process.

    Our products support different voltages as Rayphen has 220kV transmission line hardware fittings as well as 440kV transmission line hardware fittings at competitive prices.

    Rayphen transmission line hardware has compatibility with multiple conductor dimensions and with various other brands.

    If you look for the best 220kV transmission line hardware fittings, Rayphen is your first choice because all products are made under standard conditions.

    With 200 clients all over the world, Rayphen is a trusted transmission line hardware manufacturer in the market and easily connected to you.

    We are offering an amazing overhead line accessories deal at a very reasonable price.

    Having a wide industrial experience of 14 years, Rayphen is among the best overhead line hardware manufacturers with clients’ trust.

    You can also order customized dimensions of 440kV transmission line hardware fittings according to your application at Rayphen.

    Rayphen believes in a friendly alliance with you hence, its customer care is available 24/7 where you get all the answers to your transmission line hardware fittings queries.

    You are welcome to give feedback and suggestions to us as it provides room for improvement more and more.

    Contact us for further information and ask for recommendations.

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