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Rayphen is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of cable gland waterproof in China. Rayphen waterproof cable gland can be customized as per custom demands and requirements.

IP65 IP66 IP67 Waterproof Cable Gland

Rayphen can accept customized IP65 cable gland, IP66 cable gland, IP67 cable gland. The waterproof cable gland is manufactured from excellent-grade raw materials. Whether you purchase a small or large quantity, you can always rely on us.

IP68 Waterproof Cable Gland

Rayphen is more than 10 years of manufacturing IP68 cable glands in China. Most waterproof cable glands produced by Rayphen can reach an IP68 protection rating. At Rayphen, You can find all sizes of the IP68 cable gland. And you can avail yourself of our types of IP68 waterproof cable gland at a very affordable rate.

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    Rayphen Waterproof Cable Gland

    Rayphen is a reliable one-stop provider of cable glands in China. Depending on your specific requirements, we provide a waterproof cable gland, brass cable gland, metal cable gland, etc.

    Rayphen waterproof cable gland is a device that is used to aid the cable or wire connection within an electronic or electrical enclosure. Basically, it maintains the watertight seal where the wire or cable enters the enclosure.

    You can find the nut and body of the waterproof cable gland that contains a cable seal and separate gasket. In addition, you can assemble Rayphen waterproof cable gland within a circular cutout in the enclosure.

    Sell to over 500 Global Clients

    Rayphen Waterproof Cable Gland has been exported to over 500 global clients and installed on an electric power project in the world.

    Use quality raw materials

    Rayphen waterproof Cable Gland is manufactured with high-quality raw material.

    7+ Years' Experience

    Rayphen has over 7 years of waterproof Cable Gland manufacturing experience.

    Strict quality control

    Waterproof Cable Gland manufactured by Rayphen is 100% strictly inspected before shipment.

    Rayphen Waterproof Cable Gland

    The Rayphen waterproof cable glands are intended for harsh environments. Waterproof cable glands can be flame-retardant, explosion-proof, UV stabilize, and offer EMI/RFI shielding,

    There are different sizes, types, surface treatments, and waterproof cable gland connectors in Rayphen. Rayphen waterproof cable gland connectors typically come in plastic, brass, nylon, and stainless steel.

    According to the surface treatment or finishing, you will find polishing waterproof cable glands, nickel-plated waterproof cable glands, etc. Custom waterproof cable gland colors can be customized: black, white, grey, etc.

    Rayphen waterproof cable gland is manufactured for different industrial use since custom cutout of enclosures nowadays is required to accommodate cables. You will find waterproof cable glands in wastewater treatment facilities, manufacturing plants, marine equipment such as offshore drilling & ships.

    The waterproof cable gland connectors manufactured by Rayphen are suitable for underwater, It is also called underwater cable gland.

    If you are going to exit or enter your waterproof enclosure without putting electronics at risk of dust and water intrusion, then Rayphen waterproof cable gland is what exactly you need. Rayphen waterproof cable gland is essential for making cutouts in your NEMA-rated enclosure.

    All of our waterproof cable glands are adhering to strict specifications as the waterproof enclosure adheres to strict NEMA/IP ratings. In addition to this, our waterproof cable glands meet UL 94 certifications to protect your equipment. Rest assured that you can use our cable glands even if your enclosure demands a high-flame rating.

    When it comes to the right selection of waterproof glands, Rayphen is always the best place. You can find an excellent, functional waterproof cable gland here in Rayphen.

    We offer a waterproof cable gland solution to protect your NEMA and IP ratings and keep your electrical equipment operating for years.

    For more information about Rayphen waterproof cable gland, please get in touch with our team now! We are open 24/7 to serve you.

    Waterproof Cable Gland FAQs—The Complete Guide

    Do you wish to purchase the perfect waterproof cable gland for your business? Do you wish to know every single detail of the waterproof cable gland? Do you feel difficulty in finding the right information about it? Well, not anymore.

    Thankfully, you have landed on the place where you will find every bit of information regarding waterproof cable glands. Here is an FAQ guide answering your queries related to the price, features, types, and applications of the waterproof cable gland.

    Let us move to the guide, hopefully, you’ll be satisfied with the knowledge we have provided.

    Q1. What is a Waterproof Cable Gland?

    The waterproof cable gland is an imperative electrical cable connector that serves the purpose of joining two cables together by their ends but also the cables to electrical appliances.

    Waterproof Cable Gland                                                                       Figure 1 Waterproof Cable Gland

    The Rayphen waterproof cable gland securely makes a connection between the electrical appliance and the cables.

    It gives a completely stress-free connection making it a 100% durable cable connector to use.

    There are different sizes, forms, and types of waterproof cable glands available in the market. You can order them according to your demand.

    Waterproof cable gland is made from good quality raw material that is burr-free and corrosion-proof.

    They are suitable for different cables including armored and unarmored.

    Q2. What are the Parts of Waterproof Cable Gland?

    There are different parts of the waterproof cable gland. Each has an essential function. Without these parts, the entire unit of the waterproof cable gland is useless.

    Waterproof Cable Gland Parts                                                               Figure 2 Waterproof Cable Gland Parts

    We will discuss the components of single and double compression waterproof cable glands separately here.

    The elements of a single compression waterproof cable gland are:

    • Main body
    • Washers
    • Neoprene rubber
    • Locknut
    • Nuts
    • Rubber sealing

    Now, let’s come to the components of the double compression waterproof cable gland. They are:

    • Main body
    • Cone ring
    • Cone
    • Check nut
    • Nuts for double compression waterproof cable gland
    • Neoprene seal

    These components are tiny and fit very well into one another and provide safety and security.

    Q3. What are the Types of Waterproof Cable Gland?

    On the basis of cable types, the waterproof cable gland has the following two categories.

    The glands for unarmored cables.

    • Waterproof Cable Gland for Armored Cables

    The waterproof cable connector for armored cables.

    These are the following two types of waterproof cable glands on the basis of compression.

    For unarmored to less armored cables, a single compression waterproof cable gland comes in handy.

    It provides adequately secure cable connections but relatively less than a double compression waterproof cable gland.

    Single Compression Waterproof Cable Gland                                               Figure 3 Single Compression Waterproof Cable Gland

    There are some chances of moisture getting into the cable gland but you have to make sure it does not allow any entry.

    Proper maintenance and care can improve its strength and connection reliability.

    A single compression waterproof cable gland is suitable for outdoor setups generally. You can conveniently use them on dry days when there is no chance of rain.

    Hence, no water will enter the main body of the single compression cable gland.

    However, you can take advantage of a single compression waterproof cable gland in an indoor environment as well.

    They work really well when combined with PVC shrouds.

    Such waterproof cable glands are reliably utilized for single-core and multicore cables having 61 cores and up to the diameter of 1000mm2.

    There is no cone or cone rings for a single compression waterproof cable gland, only a neoprene seal.

    This not only presents mechanical strength to the cable connector but also gives tensile strength to the point of cable entry.

    • Double Compression Waterproof Cable Gland

    Double Compression Waterproof Cable Gland                                        Figure 4 Double Compression Waterproof Cable Gland

    As the name suggests, the double compression waterproof cable gland is an extremely secure, trustworthy, and reliable cable connector.

    It gives relatively safer connections as compared to a single compression type.

    The Rayphen double compression waterproof cable gland is perfect for armored cables as they have a double sealing system, unlike single compression.

    The following cable gland provides compression at the sheath and cable armor sites.

    It means compression at two sites. Hence, named the double compression waterproof cable gland.

    They are mostly made of brass and stainless steel and make cable connections two times safe because of the neoprene seal and rubber seal.

    There is no chance of any humidity getting inside the structural design of the double compression waterproof cable gland. They are perfect for aggressive environments.

    Q4. What are the Uses of Waterproof Cable Gland?

    As you know the definition, parts, and types of waterproof cable gland, now we will tell you its uses or advantages.

    • Through the outer sheath, the waterproof cable gland gives ultra-protection against dirt and water.
    • It is perfect for giving ground continuity to armored cables in the case of metallic materials.
    • Waterproof cable gland gives security at the point of cable entry to some electrical appliance.
    • The Rayphen waterproof cable gland is specific for its components and fittings means it provides a reliable connection.
    • It is corrosion-proof and saves electricity leakage in many ways.
    • The waterproof cable gland is also explosion-free and weather resistant.

    Q5. What are the Applications of Waterproof Cable Gland?

    As you came to know of the different uses of waterproof cable glands. It means there are various applications of it in various sectors and industries.

    The primary applications of waterproof cable gland are as under:

    • Industries

    In textile, food manufacturing industries, paper and cement industries, and almost every industry seeing a waterproof cable gland is a common sight. It has different functions there.

    • Aerospace Industry

    A waterproof cable gland is an excellent cable connector to use for aerospace crafts and equipment as it is waterproof and provides safe attachments.

    • Railways

    For easy track installation procedures and other tasks, the waterproof cable gland is very useful and has applications in railways.

    • Power and Utility

    They are used in power transmission systems, public utilities, and high voltage equipment.

    • Telecommunications

    Rayphen waterproof cable gland is perfect for joining telecommunication cables to the appliances and devices.

    • Cleanrooms

    The cleanrooms are usually dirty and humid. Using a waterproof cable gland in such an environment serves its purpose of the invention. It keeps the connection safe and balances the positive pressure.

    • Fire Protection Department

    A waterproof cable gland is an excellent fireproof cable connector as well as preventing fire propagation at bulkheads and barriers.

    • Panels and Enclosures

    For penetration of enclosure and panel, using a Rayphen waterproof cable gland is appropriate.

    Waterproof Cable Gland in Enclosure                                                        Figure 5 Waterproof Cable Gland in Enclosure

    • Marine Applications

    The accessory is suitable for mining and drill setups, yachts, ships, and other marine applications.

    Q6. What is the Classification of Waterproof Cable Gland?

    There are diverse categories of the waterproof cable gland. These general categories are:

    • Compression Cable Glands

    Single compression waterproof cable gland and double compression waterproof cable gland fall under this category.

    Such cable glands give necessary compression to the inner and outer insulation of the cable.

    These waterproof cable glands need extra protection sealing as such glands are utilized for armored cables.

    The double compression cable gland is an example of an armored cable gland too.

    The unarmored waterproof cable gland is for unarmored cables and they do not require any additional sealing.

    Its example is a single compression waterproof cable gland.

    If there is an electromagnetic field present between the electrical appliance and the wires or cable, EMC cable glands are used to minimize it to a greater extent.

    Waterproof cable glands having explosion-proof properties save the electrical mishaps from happening as a result of an explosion or spark.

    Q7. How Does a Waterproof Cable Gland Work?

    The waterproof cable gland is a genuine cable connector providing security to cable ends that join the equipment or appliance.

    Through its neoprene sealing, it seals the point of attachment so no humidity enters.

    The different components of the waterproof cable gland give 100% trustworthy cable fixations and ensure complete safety.

    Waterproof cable glands by Rayphen not only give secure cable connections but also provide earthing, bonding, insulation, grounding, and strain relief.

    If you are seeking to connect cables that pass through bulkheads, a waterproof cable gland is a good choice.

    They work pretty safely and reliable in all types of electrical setups whether indoor or outdoor and in aggressive environments.

    Q8. Can You Use Waterproof Cable Gland for Armored Cables?

    Yes, you can use a good quality waterproof cable gland for armored cables easily.

    Besides, there is a whole separate category of cable glands for armored cables named armored cable glands.

    Double compression glands mainly serve the purpose as they provide two-way compression to the inner and outer insulation layer.

    The installation of a waterproof armored cable gland is simple and easy. You only need appropriate tools for the purpose.

    Q9. What Are Some General Installation Instructions for Waterproof Cable Gland?

    Before telling you the installation procedure, we will like to tell you about the general instructions and precautions.

    • Always remember to read the manual that comes with waterproof cable gland packaging to have basic installation knowledge.
    • It is wise to turn off the switches and mainboard so that you completely cut off the chance of getting an electric shock.
    • Ensure to secure the loose cable ends before and during the installation process.
    • There must be no contact with chemicals, toxin materials, and solvents with waterproof cable glands.

    Q10. How to Securely Install Waterproof Cable Gland for Unarmored Wires?

    The installation of a waterproof cable gland to unarmored cables and wires is not difficult. The steps are as follows.

    • Get a reliable and new waterproof cable gland and detach it through nuts.
    • With a cable stripper, strip off the cable sheath from it.
    • The diameter of the cable or wire should be equal to the size of the cable gland groove for the perfect connection.
    • Expose the inner metallic sheath if present.
    • Join the cable gland and cable together to the appliance and tighten the nuts by utilizing the head of a spanner.

    Follow the actual protocol and use an appropriately sized spanner for reliable and secure installation.

    Q11. How to Properly Install Waterproof Cable Gland for Armored Cables?

    The installation of a waterproof cable gland for armored cables is a little complicated but not impossible to do.

    Here is a step-by-step procedure for cable gland installation.

    • Get all the components of the waterproof cable gland and arrange them in the correct sequence onto the cable.
    • Strip the armor of the cable and peel the outer and inner insulation layer of the cable with a cable stripper.
    • Place the waterproof cable gland cone beneath the inner insulation layer and armor.
    • Here the core wire splaying is accomplished.
    • Pull the gripping ring of armor.
    • Fasten the cone and lock the nut so that the gripping ring moves up to the cone to hold the cable in a fixed position.
    • With the help of a spanner fix all the components.
    • Through sealing nut seal the connection.
    • It compresses the outer insulation against the inner one so that the waterproof cable gland becomes watertight.

    Q12. What are the Key Features to Look in Waterproof Cable Gland Before Purchasing?

    It is your wish if you get the information related to the purchasing of the waterproof cable gland.

    It is pretty obvious that if you know the exact features of the waterproof cable gland before buying, you will surely get a high-quality product.

    We have heard your heart’s voice. Here are some key features to look at in Rayphen waterproof cable gland.

    • Cable Type

    Choose waterproof cable gland according to the type of cable whether it is armored or unarmored cable.

    Choose according to the dimension of the cable.

    • Cable Material

    Check the material of the cable for which you are buying a particular waterproof cable gland.

    • Performance

    The performance of the waterproof cable gland elevates having the help of additional accessories of the gland.

    You can order them conveniently through Rayphen and enhance the performance of the waterproof brass cable gland.

    • Water Resistance

    Select the cable gland having maximum water-resistant properties.

    • Application

    Choose the cable gland on the basis of your application demand.

    Always consider buying the waterproof cable gland that matches the application.

    • Application Site

    The site of the application is also an imperative factor to consider while buying a waterproof cable gland.

    Choose whether you are buying for indoor or outdoor setup.

    • Explosion Proof

    Select a waterproof cable gland that is explosion-proof and has fire-resistant properties.

    Q13. Which Material is Suitable for Waterproof Cable Gland Manufacturing?

    Mostly metallic material is used as the manufacturing material of waterproof cable gland.

    These include:

    Brass is one of the best manufacturing materials for waterproof cable glands.

    This is mainly due to the combining properties and unique characters of the material.

    Brass has good machinability and is pretty strong mechanically and electrically.

    It is ductile and can be forged into different shapes and is also very resistant to corrosion.

    Being rigid and hard, brass is conductive and also a cheap but good manufacturing material for the waterproof cable gland.

    You have seen so many electrical fittings and cable connectors made of stainless steel due to their tensile nature.

    It is corrosion-proof and temperature resistant very durable to perform its functions.

    The highly corrosion-free property makes stainless steel a good manufacturing material for cable glands.

    • Aluminum

    Just like stainless steel and brass, aluminum is also corrosion-free.

    It is conductive, thermostable, and very malleable.

    That is why you see aluminum cable glands having waterproof properties very easily.

    • Thermoplastic

    A waterproof cable gland made of thermoplastic is resistant to high impacts. The material has reshaping properties so you can create different sizes from it.

    Nylon is not an expensive material but has good properties like adequate hardness and resistance to external damages.

    It is also malleable and can be forged into different shapes and sizes.

    Q14. Is the Earthing of Waterproof Cable Gland Necessary?

    It is completely not essential to provide earthing to waterproof cable glands but sometimes especially at enclosures, earthing is done for protection.

    It becomes necessary to establish an earth terminal for threaded cables and fittings.

    Earthing provides a link to the cable gland’s outer surface.

    It ensures earth continuity between the cable gland and the conductor or appliance.

    For smooth electrical continuity, a screwed entry is provided at the metallic boxes.

    If a hole is present, metal to metal gland contact is established.

    In such a case, an earth tag is incorporated between the enclosure and the cable gland.

    It prevents the leakage of high voltage current, especially in the manufacturing industries.

    Q15. Which Earthing Accessory is Available for Waterproof Cable Gland?

    As you know that earthing is required at enclosures, which means there should be some accessory that assists the process.

    Such an earthing accessory is an earth tag. Earth tags are compact and strong structures manufactured by the exact raw materials like the waterproof cable gland.

    Waterproof Earth Tags                                                                 Figure 6 Waterproof Earth Tags

    Using a compatible earth tag for different cable glands is essential.

    You can have them in different sizes as well. Choose whatever suits you the most.

    Q16. How to Distinguish Between A1 and A2 Waterproof Cable Gland?

    The A1 type is generally a little less safe as it only retains the cable whereas the A2 type not only retains the cable but also holds it to a fixed place.

    These are also available in the market by the name stuffing glands.

    They are found easily in various sizes and dimensions.

    Q17. Can You Get Waterproof Cable Gland in Various Sizes?

    Yes, you can get waterproof cable glands in various sizes and types very conveniently.

    Mentioning the specific size is not possible as the dimensions of the cable gland vary according to the cable.

    Overall their size is in the range of millimeters to inches.

    Always check that the diameter of the conductor you are using matches the diameter of the waterproof cable gland.

    That’s how you will get rid of buying the inappropriate cable gland.

    Q18. What is Waterproof Cable Gland Price?

    The exact price of waterproof cable glands varies from manufacturer, manufacturing material, size, and type.

    The price range of waterproof cable gland is US$0.02-US$50.00.

    Among waterproof cable glands, brass cable glands are among the expensive ones. Nylon cable glands are less priced.

    Q19. Are Waterproof Cable Glands Explosion Proof?

    Yes, the waterproof cable glands are explosion-proof.

    There are so many chances of water getting into the cable gland and causing sparks and explosions.

    Fortunately, to avoid this situation you can purchase a waterproof cable gland as it is not only waterproof but also explosion-proof.

    It reduces the risks of any sort of spark due to current leakage that leads to severe damages if the wiring got exploded.

    Q20. Is it Reliable to Use Waterproof Cable Gland for Marine Applications?

    Yes, you can completely rely on waterproof cable glands for marine applications as the name speaks for itself.

    They work really well for underwater gadgets and equipment.

    Using a double compression waterproof cable gland is more reliable as it gives additional sealing through its neoprene sealing.

    Such cable glands are very compact and easily taken to ships, yachts, and other watercraft.

    Q21. Can You Use Waterproof Cable Gland for High Voltages?

    Yes, for high voltage cables using a waterproof cable gland is reliable.

    The design features and small components of the Rayphen waterproof cable gland make it a perfect cable connector for all voltages including low, medium, and high.

    The main purpose of the cable gland is to provide a secure connection to cable appliances. It is entirely independent of voltage values.

    It means there is nothing wrong with using it for high voltages as well.

    Q22. Can You Buy Weather Resistant Waterproof Cable Gland?

    Yes, the waterproof cable gland comes with a feature of weather resistance too.

    They are perfectly fine to use in aggressive and harsh climatic conditions. They are temperature tolerating as well.

    Using a double compression cable gland is much better for greater reliability in connections and weather-resistant properties.

    Q23. Is it Okay to Use Waterproof Cable Gland for Multicore Cable?

    Yes, Rayphen waterproof cable gland is suitable for both single-core and multicore cables.

    The idea is to provide the connection doesn’t matter what type of cable you are using it for.

    Multicore cable glands are relatively thicker and need cable glands of more diameter. It is advised to use a cable gland of higher dimensions.

    Strip the insulation layering to insert the cable inside the waterproof cable gland. That’s it, you are good to go.

    Waterproof Cable Gland for Multicore Cable                                                                  Figure 7 Waterproof Cable Gland for Multicore Cable

    Q24. How to Differentiate Between Single Compression and Double Compression Waterproof Cable Gland?

    Like you know already that these waterproof cable glands belong to the compression cable gland category but there are slight differences in them.

    The purpose of both is alike but the way they do their job is different.

    The single compression waterproof cable gland is for unarmored thin cables whereas it is suitable for armored cables to get attached via the double compression type of cable gland.

    Also, the single compression type provides less security because it has only one sealing component.

    On the other hand, double compression provides twice safety through two sealing components.

    Q25. Can You Use Waterproof Cable Gland for Outdoor Connections?

    Yes, it is completely safe to use a waterproof cable gland for outdoor setups.

    They perform exceptionally well in indoor connections as well.

    Additional protection is required outdoors hence, using a double compression waterproof cable gland is better.

    Armored, unarmored, insulated, and non-insulated cables are compatible with waterproof cable glands for both setups.

    Q26. Can You Get a Waterproof Cable Gland with PG Thread?

    Yes, you can purchase PG waterproof cable glands from different sources readily.

    Panzergewinde (PG) is a numerical value given to a specific cable diameter. The maximum value of diameter is for that cable that is to pass through some conduit.

    You can understand this in simple words that the PG cable gland is such a waterproof cable gland for a specific dimension of cable.

    These waterproof cable glands are perfectly ideal for marine usages, automation, packing, offshore setups, and machine and equipment manufacturing.

    Q27. How is a Waterproof Cable Gland Suitable for New Energy Vehicles?

    Talking about future technologies, energy vehicles are a hit these days.

    Waterproof cable gland is successfully used in such new energy vehicles. They perform as excellent charging equipment accessories.

    New Energy Vehicle Using Waterproof Cable Gland                                                  Figure 8 New Energy Vehicle Using Waterproof Cable Gland

    The Rayphen waterproof cable glands are also involved in the automation of these new energy vehicles.

    These cable glands have full compatibility related to the safety, stability, and power of signal cables that is essential for such new technology vehicles.

    Interestingly, they are employed for making the production of new energy vehicles very quick as they provide easy installation to any machinery.

    Q28. Are Waterproof Cable Glands with Strain Relief Durable to Use?

    Yes, waterproof cable glands with strain relief are durable to apply.

    Every type of waterproof cable gland has this strain relief feature. They typically lessen the tension by providing strain relief function between different conductors.

    Rayphen waterproof cable gland is prominent to give reliable connection to lose endings and also stops the electric current spillage.

    Q29. Can You Reinstall a Used Waterproof Cable Gland?

    No, you cannot reinstall an already used waterproof cable gland because the small components of cable glands wear off with time.

    As they wear off, their proper functioning and firm contact are reduced. This reduced strength means the cable gland will not be capable to perform fully.

    Though they have a long life yet it is suggested to lay a hand on a new waterproof cable gland for new installation.

    Q30. Where to Buy Good Quality Waterproof Cable Gland?

    Rayphen has advanced authentic waterproof cable glands offering high-end services.

    There are different types and sizes of waterproof cable glands. You can order them only by visiting the website and selecting the product of your choice.

    The manufacturers make clear that the waterproof cable glands must be made under a quality control environment and good quality manufacturing materials.

    Q31. Can You Get Waterproof Cable Gland in Bulk?

    Yes, you can bulk order waterproof cable glands.

    Ordering in bulk is always economical and saves you a lot of money as you refrain from paying for the individual packaging.

    The bulk orders are delivered safely to you so that you can establish your business right away.

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