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Rayphen Lightning Arrester Suitable For

  • Lightning Arrester for South Africa Eskom
  • Lightning Arrester for Philippines NGCP
  • Lightning Arrester for Vietnam EVN
  • Lightning Arrester for Bangladesh DESCO
  • Lightning Arrester for Sri Lanka CEB
  • Lightning Arrester for Zambia ZESCO

High Quality Lightning Arrester for Your Business Growth

We have a vast variety of best quality lightning surge arresters at market competitive rates. Check our products!

9kV Lightning Arrester

As the name indicates, the Rayphen 9kV lightning arrestor is specially made for 9kV electrical transmission lines as well as telecommunication lines. These Rayphen zinc oxide lightning arresters are made with fine material. You can contact us for more product details.

10kV Lightning Arrester

Rayphen 10kV zinc oxide arrester is typically for 10kV overhead lines. The manufacturing material of these lightning surge arresters is reliable and compatible with various conductors and ground conductors. Rayphen metal oxide lightning arrestor has anti-corrosive and aging resistant properties that make the lightning arrester highly reliable for your applications. Contact us for specific dimensions.

11kV Lightning Arrester With Mounting Bracket

Specifically designed for 11kV power lines, this Rayphen metal oxide lightning arrester performs its duty quite efficiently. The 11kV lightning arrester in Transformer by Rayphen offers protection of metal conductors from the harms of lightning in real-time. If you have further queries regarding the size and customization, you can contact Rayphen.

15 kV Lightning Arrester

Based on your application, this 15kV zinc oxide lightning arrester by Rayphen is the best choice for getting a reliable lightning arrestor. Rayphen mov lightning arrestor for 15kV lines has easy installation and quick maintenance. You can connect with us for more information.

Lightning Arrester 20kV

Made for 20kV transmission lines, the Rayphen Ia lightning arrester is unique in its features and qualities. With a reliable smooth finishing, the mov lightning arrestor makes a perfect acid and alkali repellent product from Rayphen. For customization and our recommendations, contact us anytime.

Lightning Arrester 22kV

Rayphen MOV lightning arrestor for 22kV overhead line has huge demands as the product is available in various materials. Such a metal oxide arrester is excellent with various power distribution cables and works effectively against overvoltage impulse. They are made under standard conditions by Rayphen. For further information about the product, we are always open to connecting.

Lightning Arrester 24kV

The lightning arrester for the 24kV power line manufactured by Rayphen works brilliantly as it has a porcelain body or polymer body filled with zinc oxide discs. It performs its function with high precision and is compatible with insulations and conductors of various types. You can visit us for further queries.

33kV Lightning Arrester With Mounting Bracket

This Rayphen LA lightning arrester is one of the best products the lightning arrester company has made. It has the perfect terminal for high voltage along with an excellent grounding terminal for absorbing all the lightning effects to the earth. Rayphen 33 kV lightning arrestor is made with the latest technology and its installation is quite convenient. Ask for your specific dimensions.

Lightning Arrester 150kV

At Rayphen, we have a metal lightning arrester for high voltage such as a lightning arrester for a 150kV power line. The design of this series of Rayphen MOV lightning arrestors are ideal for many high voltage power lines. Contact us for customizations according to your applications.

220kV Lightning Arrester

220kV lightning arrester series by Rayphen is a perfect lightning protector of even higher voltage lines. It is also suitable for a transmission line. The transmission line arrester has multiple characteristics and easy maintenance, made with excellent material, protects the line from the harms of lightning which leads to cause power outage if not addressed. Rayphen ensures good properties in the transmission line arrester. For more information about lightning surge arresters, ping us.

Substation Lightning Arrester

Rayphen substations lightning arresters with gaps or without gaps are rust-free and have a burr-free smooth finishing. They are made under standard conditions by Rayphen. The effect of lightning on Rayphen electrical arrester is less than other similar products. Connect for more information.

Lightning Arrester Disconnector

When the lightning arrester fails abnormally, the power frequency short-circuits current is used to make the lightning arrester disconnector operate to prevent the accident from further expanding. Connect with us for further details.

More Details about Rayphen Lightning Arrester

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    Lightning Arrester

    Allow Rayphen lightning arrester to be Your True Companion in Success

    Rayphen is one of the professional and highly experienced suppliers when it comes to lightning arresters as the lightning arrester company. And the lightning surge arrester is produced according to the IEC 60099-4:2014 standard.

    For power distribution lines, it is important to choose the appropriate MOV lightning arrester( LA lightning arrester, zinc oxide arrester, electrical arrester, lightning surge arrester) is very important.

    A Rayphen lightning arrester is a device that protects overvoltage destruction to power generation, transformation, transmission, and distribution equipment.

    We produce market-competitive MOV lightning arrestors for your convenience and these products work brilliantly under certain conditions.

    Sell to 200 International Clients

    Rayphen has highly good remarks and repute all over the world since Rayphen supplies mov lightning arrester to over 200 clients internationally.

    Top Raw Material usage

    All metal oxide lightning arresters are made with high-quality raw material at Rayphen.

    Experience of 14 Years

    Rayphen is highly experienced (more than 14 years) in zinc oxide arrester supplying and manufacturing.

    Quality Control Compliance

    Rayphen lightning surge arresters went through various quality control tests for complete security.

    Rayphen Lightning Arrester

    We have a huge variety of lightning arresters including, transmission line arresters, substation lightning arresters, lightning arresters for various voltages, and lighting arresters in transformers.

    Based on your application, Rayphen can easily manufacture and supply these products with sheer excellence to you for your business growth.

    Our products have specific functions that they perform with perfection.

    As the best lightning arrester company, Rayphen provides high qualities and reliability in all its products including, the lightning arrestor.

    All our electrical arrester series are well designed and well manufactured according to national and international standards.

    They undergo tests such as DC reference voltage test, sealing test, partial discharge test, lightning impulse residual voltage test, power frequency reference voltage test, etc.

    Rayphen manufacture zinc oxide arresters keeping our legacy and compatible with various transmission and distribution equipment brands for perfect protection.

    All the Rayphen MOV lightning arrestors are anti-aging, anti-pollution, resistant to alkalis and acids, and also highly stable products mechanically.

    Rayphen provides you with and without gap MOV arresters to ensure the life of the arresters so that the leakage current is low and the residual voltage is low, and the flow capacity is strong.

    Having specific applications on different voltages, the Rayphen lightning surge arrester is easily used at the substations to divide the ground lead of an overloaded MOV lightning arrestor for the protection of conductors.

    Rayphen is open for customization. Now you can order according to your dimensions and we will fulfill your demand.

    For queries and recommendations, our professional after-sales team is always ready to help you and guide you with the matter in a highly professional way.

    We believe in cooperation and a friendly environment among all our clients, hence we have a reputation in the metal oxide lightning arrester manufacturing industry.

    For more information and customization, contact us!

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